How do i promote/ get more sales on my FIVERR GIG?

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I'm really struggling with how to get more sales on my gig.

post and print 100 flyers in San Francisco and SFSU - fiverr

How do i promote this? i have gotten 3 sales since the gig was made about a week ago, which i was actually surprised, yet glad to know people are actually on FIVERR, purchasing gigs.

Please help, everything is apperciated!
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    are you sure thats what you want to do?

    $5 to pass out 100 flyers ?How long does that take? I'm assuming about an hour, with printing then going to deliver them..

    Are you sure you want to give away your time for less than $5 an hour?

    I would try and create some fiverr gigs that you can do in minutes.
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    Hello MakeMoney5
    i see you are new to this forum .
    First goto yelp/yellowpages/manta or any such site and search for business in
    San Francisco area they can be dentist's , plumbers , carpenters , car wash , roofing
    agents , lawyers , any business for that matter and get there phone number and/or
    there website address . Then you could call them or use there contact page or
    about us page on there website and leave your message. for five bucks many will say yes
    but more money is made not on fiverr gigs but the upsell you can offer.

    Hi nicholasb

    I would try and create some fiverr gigs that you can do in minutes.
    can you please give more details on this?

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    Maybe you can find local businesses based in the San Francisco area and email them via their website (contact form) with the link to your Fiverr gig. These people could be your potential customers. Be sure to create a short but compelling email sales pitch that doesn't sound too spammy and emphasizes the advantages of your service for generating new business.
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    Add your gigs link to your signatures in each forums you are member.
    Create short videos and publish it on Youtube, Dailymotion etc...
    Post ads on Classified ads websites.
    Post on craiglist about your fiverr gigs.

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    you could also do video testimonials
    I strongly suggest you investigate the legalities of paid testimonials.

    OP why are you wasting your time with Fiverr? It's a slave market/scamers paradise.

    Investigate some ways to make actual money and not pennies. There are about a Gazillion (YES a Gazillion) better options available to you. You just have to look.
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    Find a way to use Fiverr as leverage to improve your cost to benefit. I would assume that distributing flyers would have a rather high cost.

    Fiverr should really be used as a gateway platform.
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    Here's my 2-cents on Fiverr.

    "get outta here...walk away" Robert Nero as Ronin

    I have had two experiences with Fiverr and will not have any more. I used two seperate sellers for traffic, both without any luck. OK, you get what you pay for...I get it, but what I don't appreciate is someone bribing me to give them 5-stars before my campaign goes out. What legitimate business owner does that?

    So, I would not trust the Fiverr rating system because if (2) sellers asked me to pro-rate their service before delivering their work and then the work sucked, then who's to say that numerous others are not doing the same.

    And for the Fiverr seller that will say, "well don't put us all in the same category"... Come up with a way to make the system better. You figure out how I can weed out the garbage and use you instead of getting taken for a ride. I'm the customer. Make it better for me. And is about me...not you.
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