What Keywords Phrases should I avoid?

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I saw a list a while back about ways to earn money on the internet. The list was interesting. But as a young IMer (I don't consider myself a newbie), I am techno saavy, and I am over 50. I thought it would be interesting to see what people thought of as phrases to AVOID early on.

earn money
easy cash
free money
earn extra cash
work from home
passive income
earn extra money
money making
money making idea
online fast cash
blogging for cash
home business
make money
making money
become rich fast

These are a few I coughed up. So please add some more.


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    It really does depend on what products you are promoting as to what keywords to avoid.

    I normally always add -free to the negative keyword list if i am using Google Adwords and promoting a paid service/product.

    Just try to make them as targeted as possible for instance for "make money blogging", you could have "How to make money blogging online" and may well get sales!

    Hope this helps!
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    No one can tell you what keyword phrases to avoid.

    We don't know what market your targeting or the product your promoting.

    I can however, point you into the right way, how to do proper keyword selection
    that will not get you slaped by google.

    check it out here...

    The Google Sneak Attack|Driving Traffic
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