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hello warriors,

i have launched my new website which is about tech gadgets, specifically about pc parts. Can you suggest my ways how can i increase my traffic, which sites i can use to promote my website.

ps. does forum signatures still work??
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    If you want instant traffic, then paid traffic is the way to go.

    You can most definitely target people who are interested in what you have to offer through Facebook ads and other PPC platforms.

    Yes Signatures still work, but you need to find high traffic forums in the tech gadgets arena.

    I know what I am about to say will sound cliche and it is cliche, but there is no such thing as free traffic as you will either be spending time to drive traffic or spending money to drive traffic.
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    what other ways can you suggest my to drive traffic to my website??
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  • Profile picture of the author BIBI15 is this forum good for promoting my gadgets?? how do you think links are do follow ro nofollow there?? i mean signatures!!
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    Get the onsite and offsite SEO right first

    Keyword research

    Competition analysis

    Build high relevant links from articles, web2.0 and videos


    Use visual website optimizer to get more data of traffic and user behavior

    Test, tweek and dominate
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    You could proliferate in pc tech forums and blogs. I would do some heavy free marketing and alot of paid advertising - starting with Adwords and Bing Ads. After that, seek out some joint venture partners. Lean the commissions more into their favor - you just want the customer, that's where the real money is. And advertise on high traffic pc/computer sites that aren't too expensive for your budget. And show your credibility with certifications and things like that.
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    can you tell me is dofollow. i mean if post my link there will it be do follow or no????
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    thanks man i will trie that!
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    You can start by marketing your website online and offline, use search engines optimization and marketing tactics and if you have a budget, find a good places to advertise your website.
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      I advise you not to put time and effort into trying to attract SEO traffic, for two main reasons ...

      First, it's very precarious and makes your business Google-dependent, and any business that's Google-dependent is no more than one algorithm-change away from a potential accident (or even a potential disaster), as so many Warriors have been finding out over the last year or two, some of them to their very great cost.

      Secondly, for me, search engine traffic, in every single one of my niches, has been uniformly the worst-converting traffic out of everything I've ever tried - search engine visitors to all my websites typically stay the least time, view the fewest pages, opt in the least often and actually buy anything by far the least often. I admit I do get tons of search engine traffic to all my main sites (because high rankings for multiple keywords happen to be a minor side-benefit of the main targeted traffic-generation method I use) but I'd hate to have to make a living just from that traffic.

      If you have a good look round the forum, you'll also see plenty of other Warriors making exactly this point. To a skepchick like me, it appears that many of the people saying the opposite are trying to make their livings from selling either "backlinking services" or "coaching services" to beginning marketers, because - given what they're "teaching" - doing that is probably an easier income source for them than building up their own internet marketing businesses would be!

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        If you want to get instant and fast traffic that will actually convert for you, I would go with pay per click ads.

        If you can invest $20-$100 per day with this, you will see great results and you will also see some sort of a profit from this strategy on a daily basis.

        Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

        I advise you not to put time and effort into trying to attract SEO traffic, .
        Alexa is right. SEO might not work for you and you will waste a lot of time for 0 results.

        I personally think that it is a waste of time.
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    You can try out purchase high quality niche targheted traffic. I'm sure suppliers like webtrafficgeeks and maxvisits would offer you technologies niche traffic
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    Social Media is a another way to get some good amount of traffic. Forums are also Good for that. However I suggest you to use SEO properly to utilize ranking in Search Engines for long time.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@

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    I think you are offpage optimization and social media optimization and ppc best way of increase traffic.
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