How many of you are making money with Kindle?

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I was just wondering how many here are actually making money from Kindle? How much are you making?

Or are you just using Kindle to market your site?
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    I'm curious to this as well I'm part of an EXCELLENT Kindle membership program, but haven't actually written any books myself yet. Too lazy
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    not interested to promote kindle, actually don't understand what kindle actually do?
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      Originally Posted by alamest View Post

      not interested to promote kindle, actually don't understand what kindle actually do?
      Publishing Kindle ebooks is a good way to generate long term residual income for years to come. You could even outsource the writing process, if you are not interested in taking the time to write. The how-to for publishing a Kindle ebook is listed on the Amazon Kindle site.
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    Kindle has a lot of uses. I did launch a few kindle books and got sales from it. $4 - $5 priced (although I would not recommend that as an income replacement)

    The best way is to publish your e-book put it on free for 5 days and ask someone you know to check it out and leave a comment. (As many as possible)

    by doing this you'll get enough traction and once the 5 days is over people will pick your book because they see good reviews.

    Hint: This can also be used as a free lead generation method.
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    One of the major questions left out here is - non-fiction or fiction

    Fiction is a whole, 'nother ballgame and with work (I know, I know... the *W* word lol) it can lead to amazing long-term income... ;-)
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    I think Kindle is becoming too saturated. There are a lot of junk books, obviously outsourced, clogging up the search engine. Plus Amazon's erotica filter caused sales to drop for a lot of people. I think a lot of people stick to the well-known authors now. I'm in many author's groups and most of us aren't making any money. I know it's the summer slump, but this is really ridiculous.

    I think it might be time for Amazon to do another sweep of poorly written books. That can only help the people that actually put effort into their books.
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    Originally Posted by Edlund88 View Post

    I was just wondering how many here are actually making money from Kindle? How much are you making?

    Or are you just using Kindle to market your site?
    My new book is selling for $9.95 and i currently sell about 1 to 2 daily and currently running a promo to increase the sales.

    Gone are the days when you upload a book and expect it to make tons of sales when you are not a renowned writer.
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    I do Kindle; non-fiction and fiction.

    I outsource the majority of the work (writing and design) and write only a few myself (fiction niche).

    The easiest nut to crack is the non-fiction market. This market is keen to purchase to answer whatever question they want answered, the quality of writing can be average (since this demographic want information, not great prose), and you can get away with 25 pages. This is where I make the majority of my money. Fiction, on the other hand, can also be good. Fiction is harder. I find longer works sell better than the short stories I've tried, the writing quality has to obviously be higher, but repeat sales are great here. Tip: write series novels or novellas. A person enjoys one, he or shill will buy the next and so on.

    To make money, the trick is the above plus volume, great covers, great blurbs, great reviews, and sales, the more of those the merrier. Look to releasing your book for free at first to get the sales.

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    Quality is never saturated. Write quality books. I am earning 10$-20$ monthly.
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      I think Kindle is still a great way to earn money online. For me, it is the closest I have come to a potential passive income.....or at least semi-passive.

      I have books from 2 years ago still earning me money. I dont think Kindle is fact I think we are still in the "baby" stages.

      I continually create books, nonfiction, and now outsource a lot of it to allow me to do other stuff.
      You should give it a go.

      Best of luck.
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  • You can go 2 ways, write tons (I mean every few days) junk books and sell like wallmart or write a few masterpieces and hope you hit the jack pot. If you want an example of second way look at this guys blog he has made tons of money on Kindle using the second method I read his books and they are very good and are at 2.99 every 3 or 4 months 1 comes out he has thousands of people (I think 9000) who buy it the same day: The Frontiers Saga Official Website |

    PS: I'm not associated or affiliated just posted the link to illustrate a way to make money , and also the author started after going broke in his 60th (read his blog he tells the story of his success on Kindle).

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    Yes, I'm making money with Kindle. I've published 6 (non-fiction) books over the last 5 months and things are going the right way. I don't make piles of money, but whatever way you choose to make money online, it will take time and effort.

    I have set aside 1 year, to publish a catalog. And I consider that as a learning year. from then on, I'll start to worry about the money...

    Keep writing!
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    I have just four books up right now, none of them more than 10,000 words - here's my current results for Aug 1st - Aug 29th

    The red line is sales... the blue line is the Amazon loan program, which also pays. Each book took me about 5-6 hours to write, cost me $5 for a cover (from Fiverr) and went free for one week to get reviews.. They are all non-fiction - MMO niche.

    Hope this is encouraging for people...

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    I make money with Kindle by designing Kindle templates
    FREE Weekly Book Cover Templates ---> Download now!
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    I don't care to reveal exactly how much I'm making off of Kindle books, but it's currently a sizeable portion of my monthly income and I make what most would consider a full-time income just off of Kindle books. That said, I'm in the process of expanding my online presence into other sources of income because I don't really care for the direction Amazon is currently headed.

    I agree with JeanneLynn...The marketplace is getting clogged with poorly-written books that are being thrown up one after another. One of the markets I'm in has an author who has published no less than 15 books in the last month, all of which are so poorly-written they're barely legible. These books are all sitting at the top of Amazon's rankings and are getting a decent amount of sales, even though they're getting nothing but bad reviews.

    It's frustrating because my books in that niche are getting bumped off the first page even though I average between 4 and 5 stars on my reviews. Amazon should have some sort of quality filter or a manual check should be initiated when a book gets a certain amount of poor reviews. If someone at Amazon actually looked at this author's books (as well as a number of other "authors" I've seen lately), they would probably get rid of every book she's uploaded.

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    I actually tried to publish some of my list building pdfs to Kindle and get some monthly income from it. Now this is just a test I did but I am sursprised that it keeps coming and coming since I did not promote it at all.
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    Originally Posted by Edlund88 View Post

    I was just wondering how many here are actually making money from Kindle? How much are you making?

    Or are you just using Kindle to market your site?
    I've been making money in both Fiction and Non-fiction on the Kindle platform for about a year now. It hasn't been easy and there have been some road bumps, but all businesses have those. It's also been incredibly rewarding.

    I'm not going to share how much I make, but it pays for my mortgage, my car payment, and all my bills with enough left over to set aside for a rainy day.

    Successful Kindle authors do certain things that others do not. For example, if they are writing fiction, they research their genre and pay close attention to what sells before they write a single word.

    Every successful Kindle author that I've met in person or online always invested in some Kindle training first. You would be absolutely nuts to try and write for Kindle without any training on how to navigate the Kindle platform and WHAT specific things makes an author who sells, sells, and sells more.

    I see this as a business, a long term business, one that will bring me income for many, many years to come. It's not easy, it's not for the faint of heart, but it's still a great opportunity for those who are willing to put in the work. To me it's not work because I love to write. But if I didn't like writing, I would invest the time and resources to find good ghost writers.

    And people who think Kindle is "saturated" simply aren't doing the right things to make those sales or they are in the wrong genre or they aren't promoting enough.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    Originally Posted by Edlund88 View Post

    I was just wondering how many here are actually making money from Kindle? How much are you making?

    Or are you just using Kindle to market your site?
    I think that Kindle helps to make authority, not selling.

    Otherwise if the idea is to be a writer in a specific field and sell lot "books" it is a different market and there is a complete different marketing behind.
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    I'll give you a few Kindle tips.

    To be successful on Kindle, you can improve your chances of success by adhering to a few rules. These rules won't always guarantee success, nor will they be used by every successful Kindle author, but they should improve your chances. The fact is: success on Kindle is, for many authors, a lucky fluke. They hit on the right idea. They do it in the right way. So these tips are merely aimed at improving your chances.

    1. Research.

    Whether you do fiction or non-fiction, research the market. You're looking for penetration points in genres where buyers exist. You can use keyword tools for this and market trends and buzz around various genres or, specifically books and movies. Example: Harry Potter. When HP came out it created a popular new market for wizard and witch related series novels in the YA market. If you had jumped on it, you might have had success.

    2. Volume

    I'm a novelist and screenwriter (when I'm not wearing my MMO hat; that is white, by the way) and I'm not a fan of volume: churning. When it comes to KDP, though, volume enhances your chances of success. Effectively: the more books you have, the more chances you have of sales. Simple, right? I suggest you start out by writing (or outsourcing) different non-fiction books. Keep them short, research them, and try to hit various market penetration points (weak places in the market where you believe buyers exist and a sufficient lack of competition will help aid success).

    3. A Series

    In fiction, writing a series is a good idea. And think novella, not novel. You can put out 3 novellas for every novel. Think about it. That's 3 books, compared to just one. Write a series because if your reader likes novella one, he may buy novella 2, and 3, and so on. Look at authors who have success with this: James Patterson, JKR, Darren Shan, and the list goes on. At the end of your novella, include the first chapter of novella 2, and so on. Whet the appetites.

    Those are all I can share for now. Limited time. I hope they help!

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    I'm going to try kindle soon. Not for money but just to get an experience. hearing a lot of good things about it...

    Fiction is what I'll prefer. or tightly packed sub niche.
    STOP! STOP! STOP! Just Stop Wandering And Tell Me What Do You Want? Decide Now!!

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    I have been contemplating on trying kindle too for a quite a while. Now after reading this thread I think I'll try my hand at it. If nothing else I would have created something new and original.
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