The least amount of unique daily searches?

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I'm new here and new to product creation, but I've got a question that I hope you can help me with. I believe I've uncovered a niche that will be quite profitable. The top site on google has about 1000 backlinks pointing to it. The second and third ranked sites only have 25 backlinks. There are 377,000 sites listed for my main keyword and five paid advertisers. What is the least amount of unique daily searches I should be looking at before pursuing it further. I'm not really surewhat I should be looking for here, so I hope someone can give me a good indication.
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    I could very SO MUCH on niche to niche and keyword to keyword that there's no way anyone can really tell you how much you need or should look for at a minimum. Without more information (which I understand you don't want to give out) it's really hard to accuratly say. One niche with a certain keyword could convert well and still see sales with only 25 or 50 visitors a day, others need a ton more. Just hard to really say.

    Best of luck Neil!
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      Thanks for the reply and the advice, mdunn123. I guess I'll just have to suck it and see. If nothing else, at least I could look upon it as a learning experence if it doesn't work out. As I said, I'm new to this so I'm bound to have a few glitches along the way.
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        If you are not getting at least 100 searches per day you will probably not accomplish much.
        One thousand searches per day and you could do ok.
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