Sharing 4 Simple Steps to Double Your eBook Earning

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Hey Warriors,

I'm new here and hope to have a good time with you all. I think we can share our ideas & discuss *about online marketing here.

I would like to share a simple trick with you guys expecting to learn something new from you guys as well. *

So, Is there anyone making money publishing ebooks on apple, google and kindle ? If not, then you must give a try.

Here's the trick we are using to make money publishing ebooks on apple, google and kindle. Please feel free to use it, its a simple 4 steps technique. Enjoy and share any trick which can help me too. ;-)

Step 1: Create Your Publisher Account **

Create iBooks publisher


• Signup for paid books account, not for free books account.

• If you are signing up as a company then you need to provide your US tax ID number

• If you are non US citizen then you should apply as an individual, even though if you are a company.

This will take 1 day to 1 week time to activate & set up your account.

Step 2: Buy eBooks

There are many website available online to Google for PLR (Private Label Rights) eBooks. You can either choose any particular category for your books or you can go with multiple categories.

Experts Tip:

Do NOT go with free PLR books as 100s of copies are already there in the markets with different titles. (This will affect your sales/downloads)

Step 3: Editing & Formatting

When you get your books from the source, you get them in word (.doc) format mostly.

Here you need to do 2 things...

1. Changing the format (from .doc to .epub/.mobi)
2. Editing

FYI: Apple iBooks & Google Books accept the book in .epub format. Kindle accepts the books only in .mobi format.

1. Changing the format (from .doc to .epub/.mobi): Using Caliber we can convert the .doc to .epub Convert the books from .doc to ePub format using Caliber software.

2. Editing: We format the books according to the guidelines on the Apple and Android stores using Sigil


• Always remove external links from your book
• Google & Apple also accepts PDF file but its recommended to submit both .pdf & .epub files


Now all you need to do is change the title of each book.
For example if the main title is Healthy Food Diet then your new titles would be...

1. A Healthy Diet
2. The Best Food Diet
3. Eat Healthy & Maintain Your Diet

What you did is.. You just changed the title of a single book to 3 new title. Now, write these titles in excel sheet side by side. (for your convenience)

• Now DO the same with the Description of the Books & note them in the excel sheet
• It's time to change Author Name.

It's very simple. For example Author Name is 'Junior Barnard'
You can change it to...

1. Barnard J.
2. J. B.
3. Junior Br.

See, how easy it is..

Awesome! Save the changed Author Names in Excel Sheet same like before. Now you have 3 new titles and 3 New Descriptions with 3 different Authors for a single book.

*Step 4: Editing Using Sigil

Check list: Before we proceed with this you must have...

1. Error Free & Validate ePub
2. New Titles
3. New Author Names

You got then? Cool.. Let's proceed further.

• Open a book (ePub) in Sigil
• Copy the Original Title (from excel sheet) and Paste it in the 'Find' box
• Copy New Title (from Excel sheet) and Place in 'Replace' box
• Now click Replace All

This will change the Original Book title to New Title; now do the same for Author Name.
After that, go to >>Tools>> Metadata Editor

• Now, change the old Title & Author name with the new one in Title & Author bar
• Then Hit 'OK'
• Now Save the ePub by clicking on the Save icon on the upper left of the window

Awesome! You have successfully changed the Book name, Author Name of the book & made the second book with the same book content but a different Title & Author.

Do the same for thing for to replace the other 2 Titles & Author Names from Excel Sheet & Create 3 different books.
By the end you will have 1 Original Book + 3 other (new) books.

Now, make sure you validate them by following the above shown method or any other easy method for the same. After all the steps upload all the 4 books in your account & START EARNING 3 TIMES MORE FROM AN EBOOK.


• All the 4 books must have 4 different cover images with the exact Title & Author which you have given in the ePub.
• All the 4 Books should have different descriptions.
• You can design your own cover image or you can order it on Fiverr.

Sales Trick

At first keep the books for Free, this will increase the download rate of the book & it will attract more users.
Once you get 10-15 downloads change the price from $0 to $3-$4 (according to book)

Giving the book for free in the starting will give you good sales in the future, we have got good results. Here is the proof:

Small Size Image Coming Here Soon..

In just 10 days we got 11 downloads. So you can start earning from a single book in 10 -15 days.

If you follow all the steps correctly & successfully up your books in Book Store then you will earn firstly from original book, plus you get a good earnings from other 3 books as well.

All the Best!
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