Best Video Softwares for making YouTube Videos?

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Hi Warriors, here are list of some and most popular video making/editing soft-wares to use.

i. Windows movie maker
ii. Camtasia is great for screen capture videos
iii. Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas for videos made using a camcorder or webcam.
iv. Movie for MacBook
v. Have you tried also Animoto? very easy to use and you can make high-quality video
vi. Another great FREE software called EZVID, I haven't use it though.
vii. Pinnacle Studio
viii. ProShow Producer -great for creating spectacular slideshows presentation

I only use movie maker and Camtasis for my videos.

which one do you think is the best (and easiest to use, espcially for newbies) video software to make promotional videos for your product and for YouTube videos?

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    It all depends on what type of video you're going to make. For screencapture movies, Active Presenter is pretty simple to use and newbie friendly. For live action movies, I don't have a camera preference as long as it has an external mic. socket so I can use a tie/lavilier mic.(very important). Serif MoviePlus is my preferred editing software.
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    My primary tools are:
    • BB Software - BB Flashback Pro - Great alternative to Camtasia
    • Sony Vegas
    • Cyberlink YouCam
    • Audacity - For Audio
    • Handbrake - For Conversion and Compression

    I still use Microsoft's Movie Maker sometimes, also.
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    Powtoon is a great place to create free whiteboard explainer videos for free
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    I recommend:

    - Jing (free)
    - Snag-It (free)
    - Screen-cast-o-matic (free)
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  • If you are on a tight budget and want to have professional presentations, use windows movie maker to edit, screencastomatic for screenrecording, and google docs presentation.

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    Sony Vegas and Camtasia are my weapons of choice.

    Lightworks is pretty solid FREE software if you need multiple track editing:
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    I use camtasia. Works for me
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      The easiest would be imovie on your iphone. You just turn the phone sideway and film and edit in imovie and upload to youtube.

      Android users have a similar program also same sequence
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        i,ii,iii,iv,vii all edit movies.

        ii Works great for screen capture as well as some others recommended in this thread.

        I personally don't like Animoto.

        I use ProShow Gold for Slide Shows. Works really well and simple. I do find I have to edit sometime and use and editing program.

        I have and usually use Adobe Premiere Pro as my editing software. I find it has a steeper learning curve than some of the others. For most video marketing it is overkill. I have recently been using Camtasia to edit simple videos. It is fast and works well.

        My video creation method of choice is using Powerpoint with Camtasia or for my Mac - Keynote/Screenflow.

        I also sometimes use VideoScribe. Though I still prefer Powerpoint.

        If I need to do a talking head type of video of myself, I have started using my Samsung Galaxy S4 in place of a video camera. I think it works well, it is very portable and the sound is pretty good.

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    Sparkol videoscribe
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    I use Adobe Premiere but Sony Vegas is an excellent program to start off - very easy to learn.
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    Camstudio (the old one) is great for me. Windows movie maker is pretty good. But a software/program called "ArcSoft Video Impression" is the best. It came free for me when i went down to Walmart and purchased one of their cheap printers for $30.
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    Nothing beats windows movie maker if you have windows and want a quick amateur video.
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    I've had problems with cam studio. On my computer, whenever the recording is more than a minute long I get an error message when I stop recording and the program won't render the video.

    A great free alternative for screen capture videos is Active Presenter. I've used that one quite a bit and never had any issues with it. It even has some pretty cool editing and after effects you can do with it.

    Get a professional voice over for your next audio or video project at an affordable price -- I will record 150 words of text for just $5.

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    I been using free software called ezvid.

    It has served me well.
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    Camtasia is my favourite, but i did also used to use screencast o matic for quick screencast videos. Very newbie friendly and has a free version.
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    I just use QuickTime built right into my Mac. It is set up to capture screen clicks.

    I can capture my screen and my speech using the Macs built in microphone or I can use a USB mic.

    It also captures audio so I can capture my podcast audio right on the Mac.

    Chances are if you have a modernish OS you have all the tools you already need...

    Now get to work!!!!


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    Ok, here is a random question. Anyone recommend any apps to make videos on iPhone? or just dont bother?
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    I still use Windows Live Movie Maker and I think it's great, although I thought Microsoft would upgrade it with the release of Windows 8.
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      I guess it depends on what you're trying to do, but I use Camtasia and it works great for everything I do. Been using it for years. Jing is an alternative..basically the free, more limited, version of Camtasia, but it works great if you want to make short screenshot videos and upload them instantly...however, I prefer a few more options.
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