How I Would Do Things Different If I Was New To IM.

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I've been marketing for 8 years and I have learned a lot of through trial and error - I wasted a lot of time, and could have been where I am now, 8 years ago; however, due to my stubborness - I didn't achieve the results faster.

#1 - I would've developed a successful mindset.

I think that everybody should read Napoleon Hill's "Think & Grow Rich" & read it multiple times - in order to be successful, you have to have a successful mindset - this isn't the only book I read but it was the starting point towards all of my success!

#2 - Start searching for a problem
Searching for a problem is probably more important than searching for a niche. That's why there's are a ton of television companies. Some people want a cheap tv, smart tv, expensive tv, flat screen, or a combination - many people have different problems, different needs, and different desires. Pick a niche you love and stick to it - develop relationships with the people that you want to market towards.

#3 - There's Nothing Wrong with "Getting Money Quick"
Many people will tell you that "online is not about making fast money" - I think that's a lie & ignorant - anything can be made to get quick money - that's why people get day jobs at McDonald's - they need money now. However, if you want to make money quick - this doesn't mean to stop focusing on the customer or their needs - it just means that you have to hustle faster to develop personal relationships with people! I do believe in consistent effort, so you should have a side effort dedicated to a long-term consistent business - but in the mean time while you are looking for a job to take pressure off your IM income - PAY THOSE BILLS! - For those looking to make quicker money - I recommend this post: How to Create $4,000 in 5 Days

4. Learn Faster
I would have experimented with paid advertising sooner - being successful is all about learning faster - and if you want to find out if your landing page or copy is effective (or not), then you should pay for advertising (if you can afford it) before you start doing any type of SEO or Social Media campaign towards it. You're not going to succeed the very 1st time, and if you do, then please - PM me the Power Ball Lottery Number.

5. Be Consistent
As mentioned in point number 3, I think consistency is very important for long term profit. For fast money, to get yourself out of a bind, there's no need for consistency - you just need to work your BUTT OFF, to get yourself out of that hole - but even then, find a time to be consistent at something. Consistent efforts ALWAYS compound - for example, if you do one blog post a day, you will not see results immediately - but eventually, your efforts will sort of "stack" on to each other. If you double 1 penny, every single day for 30 days - you will make $5,368,709.12 - Not saying that you'll be a millionaire in a month, but if you maintain the effort and allow it to stack onto itself, then you'll be a millionaire eventually. I have no doubt.

6. Most Importantly - Find a Mentor
I did not see any type of success until I put aside my ego and sought a mentor. Just one hour with this mentor changed my entire life; but it's all about finding the right person. It's not about being a genius, Christopher Langan has the highest IQ in the world - yet he was a bouncer at a nightclub; just seek advice from others. There's really no other way to be successful. I'm offering mentoring sessions for $300 an hour so just PM if you want some advice. JK! LOL! I do 20 minute chats for free with people right now, but it's just interesting listening to their problems and setting themselves up for success - just establishing the relationship is good enough for me.

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