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Hey guys. I have a quick question for the clickbank gurus. I have a domain that Im using to mask my clickbank affiliate link with. The product I'm promoting is having success so far, with 17 sales.

I just want to know if clickbank will mind affiliates using masked domains. Do any of you use this method, and have any of you had any problems getting paid? Thanks in advance for your answers!!!
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    Can someone please answer this question for me I really need to know!!! Thanks!!!
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      If by "mask" you mean that your domain shows up in the user's browser location box and the sales page is displayed in the browser window, then the answer is that this is against ClickBank's terms of service and can cause you to lose all your commissions. Some affiliates may get away with it, but it's very clear that CB doesn't like it at all. From their Hoplink FAQ:

      10. Will I get referral credit if I hide HopLinks by making them open into a frame, iframe, layer, applet, image, or other sub-window object?

      No. These are illegal HopLinks. For security reasons, and to ensure proper tracking of your referrals, all HopLinks must be targeted to the top level of a new or existing window.

      11. What happens if I do make illegal HopLinks?

      The short answer is that if you make illegal HopLinks you will lose money.

      HopLinks targeted to frames or iframes are automatically retargeted to fill the top level of same window, with full affiliate referral credit awarded. Note that this retargeting may have the unintended effect of displacing your entire web site.

      HopLinks targeted to images or other invisible html objects give you no affiliate referral credit at all. In some cases they will also prevent you from receiving affiliate referral credit for legal HopLinks on the same page.

      Accounts that are found to be abusing the HopLink system may be terminated without notice.
      My advice? Don't do it.
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    Thanks so much. I hope I dont lose my commissions because this is what I did. I have heard lots of other affiliates say that this works fine for them, I wonder if they got paid.

    Have any warriors tried this method without any problems? Thanks for all your help.
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    It seems that many clickbank vendors actually reccomend that you mask your domain this way.

    Here's exactly what I did. After doing some market research I found the perfect clickbank product to promote. I went to Godaddy and purchased a domain related to the product I was promoting.

    Then I simply redirected my domain to the products sales page, and enabled domain masking so that my domain would appear in the URL and not the actual domain.

    I went to a few related forums and gave a soft presell of the product letting people know how much it helped me. I spent about an hours worth of work, and I've made 17 sales.

    I haven't even written one single article for this niche, although I have hired a writer to work on that for me. I am so amazed how easy affiliate marketing really is. Now I just hope I get paid!!!!
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    Obviously I am getting credit because I have sales coming in. Tracking doesn't seem to be a problem.

    Like I said I went to quite a few vendors sites. Many of them actually tell affiliates to mask their links using Godaddy masking just like I said before. So I really don't think this will be a problem. I guess I will find out tomorrow when the pay period ends.
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    I cannot comment on the TOS of this, however search for any CB popular term and you will find dozens of affilaites doing it ducessfully. If you need exact instructions on how to do it, I have a free report opt in

    or if you dont want to opt in, the DL page is here.
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    Is there any warriors using this method succesfully and getting paid? Please help!! THANKS!!!
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    Thanks Allen I feel so much better now!!!
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    SO, for example, my domain at redirects to the seller I am signed up with through clickbank. HIs domain is I am not using frames, so I am ok according to clickbank TOS ?

    (I can't post links yet.)
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    I am not getting this.

    If I am promoting for example, a DOG training tutorial item from clickbank and register a domain name like and that domain goes to that clickbank product, that is not allowed??

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    Null Routed did you just forward the domain or did you have your domain remaining in the address bar.

    I just checked my account on clickbank and I have been issued a check. So I guess clickbank must not mind us doing this.
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    Clickbank don't ban you for domain forward or masking but sometimes a vendor can inform clickbank and then they take action
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