3 rules for selecting a solo ad vendor

by Jarrod
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I've been doing a lot of testing with solo ads lately, and am finally getting the process of selecting the right vendor down to a science.

That to me is one of the hardest things. There's a lot of shady people out there sending bot traffic and doing other unethical things for a quick buck in the solo ad business.

Three important lessons I've learned:

1-Never buy from a vendor until you have spoken with them in person, either over the phone or on skype. If they do not want to speak in person to answer a few questions, they are either hiding something or at the very least are not treating their solo ad business like a real business. If they won't treat it like a real business, they don't get my business.

2-Ask if they would like to see your ad copy. I've found many say things like "I know what my list responds to, so I'll just write the copy myself." If they are not even interested in SEEING your copy, that's a red flag that they might be sending you junk traffic where the copy doesn't matter.

3-Ask them point-blank if it is going to be real traffic or bot traffic. If they are using bot traffic, of course they are going to lie to you here. Keep your ears raised for any fumbling of words or other signs that they might be lying, or hiding something. Tell them you’ve had experience with bot traffic before and have learned how to spot it. Trust your gut.

Anything you wish to contribute to this list?
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    That's some great advice

    It's indeed a hit or miss thing when buying solo ads,that's why i always advise people to buy small packages first from solo ad sellers (50-100 clicks) and keep data about every purchase. But ofcourse never tell them this. This way you reduce the risk and when you have bought sufficient olo ads you can scale the traffic from sellers that gave you the best results.

    But your tip about contacting sellers first and asking them a lot of things before buying is definately a must.
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    I'd rather spend the money on a test then go through all that bullshit.

    How much is an hour of your time worth to you?

    Mine is worth a damn site more then the $50 I might lose on a test.
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      I'd rather spend the money on a test then go through all that bullshit.

      How much is an hour of your time worth to you?

      Mine is worth a damn site more then the $50 I might lose on a test.
      How much is an hour of my time worth? Wrong question. The question is: what is the ROI I'm getting for how that hour is used. I'm perfectly willing to go through the "bullshit" if the ROI is worth it, and with what I'm doing now, it has been. Before I was doing this, it wasn't. Qualifying a vendor has proven to be time well spent.

      Much agreed on the importance of testing, and my tests have found that when I take the time to qualify a solo ad vendor before giving them my business, then test one qualified vendor against another qualified vendor, the "bullshit" ends up paying me handsomely.

      But hey, whatever works for you man.
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    I also buy solo ads for 100-200 clicks. First I am not sure those clicks are quality clicks or no. Second If I buy every 100 clicks from a vendor I will receive 10-15 more clicks. So for 500 clicks I will receive 550-570 clicks. That's good for a high converting landing page.

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