Firfox 3.0.1 deactivates Roboform : The solution

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An important information for all of you who are using Roboform (RoboForm: Password Manager, Form Filler, Password Management) to automatically fill their Passwords etc.

If you update your Firefox browser to its latest version 3.0.1 then the roboform will get deactivated. The reason being that there appears to be no compatible version of Roboform for latest Firefox 3.0.1 Though Firefox will search for an updated addon version of Roboform but it'l not locate any. The same thing will happen to your Stumbleupon and toolbars (if installed in the browsers). They all will get deactivated in the new Firefox.

The solution for Roboform: Actually an update do exists which for some unknown reason is not getting identified by new version of Firefox. You need to manually install it.

Download/install this update from Roboform :

Once installed, it will again reactivate the Roboform.

I hope this will help some members here.
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    Hi Shekhar,

    I appreciate the heads up, but it's not true in 100% of cases. I'm having a few issues with firefox 3.01 (quite often when I close it down and restart firefox it gives a 'firefox is already running' error.)

    But I am running roboform and not having many problems (except the problem I have had for a while (since before firefox update) which is that it is a little temperamental, and sometimes acts funny (but only in the browser toolbar) - continually reloading/sometimes losing the sign-in option in the browser toolbar/sometimes not recognizing the site within the browser toolbar - but in all of these scenarios it is not 'shutting down' - the option via the lower right side of the screen always works - on my pc it is only the browser toolbar that is temperamental, but this is probably some conflict with the firefox addons I have installed.

    I hope this is clear/helps.

    Roger Davis

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