People who reschedule paid-for webinars: what's your impression?

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What do You think about people whom you've paid to see a webinar from, who then reschedule it after they've already published the webinar date and sent webinar invitation emails out?

Personally I think that behavior is a concern, a 'red flag'. What's your impression? Things always come up in life, part of being a trusted professional is prioritizing and managing time and schedules effectively.

In contrast, for example in the 12+ years I've done well over a thousand webinars online (really), I've cancelled/rescheduled only 3 times, total, ever (2 due to internet outages, 1 due to pc power supply failure). I'm extremely conscientious about respecting people's time and doing what I said I would. That's one reason I earned the trust of so many, is always doing what I said I'd do, on time every time. I've never been late, and always meet commitments, no excuses.

Heck once when my condo 12 years ago, before I got a house, had a power failure during a storm, I walked down flights of stairs w/flashlight, drove into town to rent a pc at kinkos' to be able to deliver a webinar. Pros do that.

Impressions, if people reschedule webinars? How would it make you feel if you paid for a webinar and the organizer rescheduled it... ? I'd be upset, especially if I rescheduled work/vacation/other activity to accomodate the paid-for webinar, and disappointed.

Speak up, warriors -- what do You think, honestly?

thanks... to success,

p.s. nowadays to ensure even internet outage or pc fail doesn't keep me from doing a webinar, I have 2 ISP highspeed cable accounts for redundancy, plus a 2nd 'clone' pc that I can swap out if for any reason main one fails. Being there for my customers is my highest priority; quality service standards are essential.
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    Obviously, if it's a recurring issue - that's a problem.

    Otherwise, stuff happens. Musicians sometimes have to cancel/reschedule entire concerts. Think about how much is involved with that - thousands of fans, entire crews, stage equipment, and more. Now that's a hassle.

    A webinar is much more simplistic than that - and the cancelling/postponing of one is a pain, but in all reality - pretty small in comparison.

    Of course, for your own personal brand - you don't want to cancel one, because it can hurt your reputation - but again, stuff happens.
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    Personally, I don't mind them rescheduling as long as it does not happen a lot. I understand that things happen and as long as the reason is valid and not just they got lazy doing a webinar on that promised that, It fine with me.
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