How many Landing Pages per Campaign for CPA Testing

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Hey guys. I was curious what the "general rule of thumb" is for testing landing pages and ads. I'm going to be linking banner ads to landing pages to the offers, and needed help on figuring out how much to split test. For example, say I design 10 different ads, and then have ONE landing page but 3 versions of it. Each version has a variable changed.. one with a new picture, one with different CTA, on with different background color. I would have a total of 30 different combinations to test. My question is.. how many NEW landing pages should I design per campaign. Each landing page can be broken down into "sub landing pages" for lack of a better term based on different variables as I mentioned above. Bottom line is I'm getting a bit confused by when to stop testing one campaign, and then move onto another campaign.
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    A/B split testing, two landing pages only ONE variable changed at a time.
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    Depends on your budget - 30 different combinations can be "expensive" but you can probably narrow down your ads fairly quickly - more than likely, only a few of them will perform much better than the others.

    3 landing pages is probably a pretty normal starting place - but I would test "big" changes - one a picture, one a video, one something else.

    Once you find a good "general" theme - then you can test headlines, CTAs, colors, etc.

    That's how I personally do it - works for me.
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      Thanks. So first test 3 variations of the same landing page, big changes.. picture etc. If one performs very well then get specific with tweaking things like CTA. If none of them are performing well THEN redesign a new landing page with maybe a different angle and try 3 variations. Is this correct? At what point would you start a new campaign?
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    Yes, the first three - have big layout differences - whichever performs best, then perform tweaks on headlines and such.

    As for having different angles - you should figure your angle out before you make your ads - you should have the same angle from the ads to the LP.

    If none of your 3 landing pages perform well - then make 3 new ones.

    You start a new campaign once your current one is successful or you hit your testing budget.
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      Im not quite understanding though what a new campaign is. If we're split testing offers, landing pages, and demographics for a particular niche (dating in my case), what would a new campaign consist of that makes it different from just split testing everything on the current campaign?
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    I consider a campaign as the entire series of "stuff" I'm testing from a certain angle. I always start with the angle first. Then work my way down.
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