Are these websites very profitable?

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Websites that just have famous quotes or quotes in general - websites that have song you think just by Adsense and whatever other ads they place there, is it worth it?
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    Can be I reckon.

    The bigger ones at least - I would think you need a larger amount of traffic than other types of "adsense sites"
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    Originally Posted by madelyndon View Post

    Websites that just have famous quotes or quotes in general - websites that have song you think just by Adsense and whatever other ads they place there, is it worth it?
    If they are ranked high in the search engine, then yes.

    If you can't see them on the first 5 pages of Google for any of the competitive words in their niche, then they are probably not getting any traffic.
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    I feel you might be thinking to broad over general. What I mean is you need to break everything down.

    Do you know how to use the google planner tool to do research for your phrases and songs? Find out what kind of demand there is! Your talking adsense so I assume you have a organic traffic plan? Numbers don't lie. You have to do your research first and that usally first starts off with what kind of a demand is there and you can break that down as well. Like where most and who....

    If the numbers tell you there is a demand then find out what other successful affiliates are doing and just copy them! Don't make it more complicated than it has to be.

    Are you going to do it overnight? Probably not. Something like this Id don't know off the top of my head I might pick 6 months or a year as an endmark for my goal.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    I dont think so, but I could be wrong.

    I'm more of a direct response guy, all the stuff I create that elicits people to take a specific action. Otherwise whats the point of creating it.

    I am accustom to a certain type of life style and Adsense and tiny little payments just aren't going to do it for me.
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    The only way to know is to test it out. Different people might get results on this depending on the way of execution and the strategy they use.

    Here's my own opinion but you still need to test it out.

    If you are looking on monetizing a website using adsense, you should create a website with topics that people are looking for something. For example. Foods Recipes, DFY Crafts etc...

    The audience of this niche are looking for a solution when unlike with qoutes, once they are on your website they are there don't have any reason why they will click on an ad. but then again I maybe wrong.
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    The problem with these types of websites is that the traffic is not BUYER traffic. Instead, it's BROWSER traffic. As in, traffic that is just goofing around online with no real intent to purchase anything. So the quality of the traffic is LOW... but that's not to say that money cannot be earned from it. Just that it could be a lot more difficult to earn with it than traffic from a more buyer-orientated niche, such as IM.
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    If they have enough traffic, then adsense could work well with these topics.
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    It's possible, but as with any niche most people are just going to be looking specially for what they want to find. I've tried to make money with adsense but probably need to work on getting at least 1000 people a day looking at your website before you will be able to make much with it.


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    Sites like that don't make a lot of money because they are no products or services that are closely aligned it so adsense ads will be about anything. recently I've been searching Google for X product so I will see ads related to X even though I have now moved on from that.

    You would probably make more sales as an affiliate selling the artists albums and paraphernalia, which is what I see most of the big sites doing now but these products often have low commissions.

    Either way you will need a lot of traffic to make anything of worth.

    Having said that, there will obviously be some genius out there who will see that site idea and think so far outside the box that they will be a millionaire within 12 months. Unfortunately I am not that person
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    It works no matter what genre you go into. The only thing you will need is traffic. Hope that helps. You can even use junk traffic. A lot of that be human traffic like
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    There is really no monetizing way for a website like that other than adsense.
    Or have real products to sell, like post cards of the quote or something.

    Unless you can find a USP for it then it can be profitable.
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