best source of traffic to build a responsive e-mail list?

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Hey guys '

I'm starting out in list building,
I wanna know what are the best traffic sources to build a rsponsive and quality e-mail list?

Any help is appreciated
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    Think of where your target audience lives on the internet (and in the offline world) and go get 'em.

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    Originally Posted by Hunnyyadav View Post

    I wanna know what are the best traffic sources to build a rsponsive and quality e-mail list?
    This thread may help you:

    It's very nice to see someone asking for recommendations for "responsive" and "quality" rather than for "fastest" and "biggest". That alone speaks highly of your chances!

    For myself, to put it very mildly, nothing has ever come close, for responsiveness and quality, across a wide range of different niches, to article marketing traffic.

    Search-engine traffic has been uniformly my very worst quality, least-subscribing, least-buying traffic.

    Solo ads will be pretty good to avoid, too, especially in the early stages (bad combination of "low open-rates" and "being on multiple - sometimes countless - lists" greatly reduces the responsiveness of subscribers found that way, exactly as you can imagine it must ).

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    I wanna know what are the best traffic sources to build a rsponsive and quality e-mail list?
    It depends on the specific market. There is no "one source" that fits all niches.
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    Solo ads when starting out then move to media buys
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    Originally Posted by Hunnyyadav View Post

    Hey guys '

    I'm starting out in list building,
    I wanna know what are the best traffic sources to build a rsponsive and quality e-mail list?

    Any help is appreciated
    There are a ton of ways to build a responsive and quality email list, but for me, i prefer to mainly stick to paid advertising. So these are the things that i suggest you try:

    1) PPC (Adwords and Bing ads)

    2) WSO (if it's an IM/MMO product)

    3) High traffic website advertising

    4) Forum advertising

    5) Blog advertising

    6) Referral marketing thru your email list
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    If you want to get the best and fastest results, I would go with PAID ADS.

    Now, I would only focus my attention to pay per click ads on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Never work with the smaller pay per click companies because they don't have high quality traffic.
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    I like to buy solo's, PPC and the best is probably JV traffic and buyer traffic (direct mails lists)

    But even the best traffic in the world can suck if you don't know what your doing. Traffic is only part of it, you'll still need to know how to warm them up, build trust and get them spending money NOW not later
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    Forum marketing and solo ads...

    For solo ads there is an easy way I use and which works like charm..

    1. Create a product
    2. Create a proper sales funnel
    3. Buy solo ads and send traffic to your landing page.
    4. Reinvest the money from the sales you make.
    5. Repeat!

    This works best in the IM niche though.
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    I think you should start testing the different traffic sources in order to short list some that works for your offers because here over Internet everyone gets different results with the same offer.
    You can save upto 75% on this awesome deal, so hurry up and GRAB it before the price hike.
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      Originally Posted by Robinsh123 View Post

      I think you should start testing the different traffic sources in order to short list some that works for your offers because here over Internet everyone gets different results with the same offer.
      It has been said before, nothing is written in stone
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        Getting articles published or advertising in relevant ezines and/or offline publications has always been very effective for generating a massive influx of highly convertible traffic. But except for significant exceptions among a few members of the forum, it seems to be rarely mentioned. This actually is a powerful marketing technique that works in any niche no matter how heavy the competition may be. Back in the day (long before the Google animals came out), we called it "hitchin' a ride"; getting traffic directly from publications and sites that already were targeting the audiences we wanted to reach.
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    I would say PPC whether Adwords or Bing ads but if you have money and want good
    quality leads on your email list solo ads is the best way to go. With Solo Ads you are
    tapping into large email lists of some of the top IM Gurus and getting some of them to Optin
    on your landing page will be a goldmine.
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    I would say just buy solo ads.
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    Hi, Best source of getting great traffic is solo ads, & also get a good swipe email copy & good squeeze.
    page & hopefully convert to $£ money "Cha Ching!"
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    I'm surprised that no-one mentioned affiliates...

    Make your own product, then get affiliates to drive all the traffic. You'll need to offer a great deal to the affiliates, such as 70-100% of the profits... but this is a great method to get traffic.

    And it's the best sort of traffic of all - buying traffic.

    (Oops, take that back - Nicholas mentioned 'JV Traffic' ... )

    Create your own product, and you'll have something to trade for the traffic you want.
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    My favorites are:

    Search engine traffic
    Referral traffic from forums
    Referral traffic from article directories
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    Try to create your own product. Sell it on WSO, you get money and the list.
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    No such thing. How can any specific traffic source bring more responsive list subscribers?
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    Originally Posted by Hunnyyadav View Post

    Hey guys '

    I'm starting out in list building,
    I wanna know what are the best traffic sources to build a rsponsive and quality e-mail list?

    Any help is appreciated

    Forums such as this
    but it does not have to be internet marketing.

    It can be something related to your passion or your solution that most people need for their problems.

    For instance, I am a Transformers fan and get to interact with like-minded fans from various forums besides this one.

    Besides forums, you can also do Facebook. Such as joining Facebook groups related to your interest, getting to know the members and adding them as friends. You can also find popular Facebook fanpages related to your niche and liked them while getting to know its fans as well.

    Then in time to come, you can also create your own group and fanpage to invite those you added and accepted you as friends to like them.

    You can also do Pinterest marketing whereby you create your own boards and pins of images related to your niche while searching for others and adding their images to your board as well if you liked them.
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    In building a list, you definitely need traffic. But it is important to decide which type of traffic, you would want to go for. Paid or Free?

    With paid traffic,
    You get instant results but the snag with this is that you have to spend your money to get the traffic. The list you can build daily is limitless as long as you have the money to spend. However, there is the big possibility of losing money when your campaign is not properly set up not to mention the squeeze page not converting as well. The key to successful paid traffic system is testing on a small scale. After testing on a small scale and it converts, then you can scale.

    To ensure that you do not lose money in going this route, you need to learn how create compelling ad campaigns or pay someone to do that for you and also split test your squeeze pages.

    But with the free traffic, you dont have anything to lose, What you dont pay in money is paid with by your time.

    Hence traffic can be gotten through the following:

    Niche forum: Do a search for the forum related to your niche and start being relevant in that forum. Offer useful comments and information. You need to ensure that the forum has lots of active daily visitors and they allow links in signatures. Build a reputation and credibility on that forum and people will click on your signature. It is better to do 2 niches and not bunch of forums at a time to prevent burn out.

    If you have means of creating videos, you can go that route as well. Create highly informative niche videos that will offer great value to your niche. Let this videos be able to solve at least a niche problem and post regularly on you tube. With, the link to your optin page in the description and you offering great value to people, they will willingly opt into your list
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    A great way to build an email list is to start a free WSO offering some gift. You can basically send people from WSO to your squeeze page and build your list this way. It's very powerful.
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    this is such a common question and there are full topics of answers ... you can use solo ads, subscribe and let them opt-in , web registration ...
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    The weird thing I find about Internet Marketing is that the best quality traffic tends to come from easiest sources. We’re always fooled into thinking we need to focus on SEO (back linking, ISL, keyword density), creating YouTube videos, slideshows ect.

    Yet as the above comments have shown the best free sources of traffic come from:

    Article marketing—take a great post from your website and once it has been indexed in Google post your article on quality article directories. Copy and pasting your article takes no time at all.

    Forum Marketing—get involved with the community of high traffic forums that are in your niche and be helpful and willing to share what knowledge and experience you have. How long does it take to post on a forum? That’s how long it takes to get traffic.

    If you’re looking to go the paid route than solo’s are your best bet. But with solo ads you really do get what you pay for. They will cost you more but only ever buy top tier clicks (people from USA, Canada, Australia ect). Start small (50 or 100 clicks) and keep track of the results you get from each provider. And remember that a good seller can also sell you a dud.

    I once bought a very cheap 1000 click solo from a seller who had rave reviews and got an optin rate of 28%. Of those 283 sign ups only about 10 bothered to download my free ebook and their open rates were below 1%. They were all from Russia, India and the Philippines. Continuing to experiment and test I bought from this seller again but this time I paid a lot more for a lot less clicks but this package was for tier one clicks only. My optin rate was a little lower but I got two backend sales straight away and in less than a week someone had bought an affiliate product, the upsell and the monthly membership. I made just under $400 in affiliate income before they cancelled they monthly membership.

    Whatever traffic method you choose to follow remember that you success lies in delivering quality to your list and creating a separate buyers list who will buy those higher end products.
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    Tier 1 traffic is usually high quality traffic...

    - Google
    - Yahoo/Bing
    - Facebook

    But buying solo emails to targeted lists rocks too.
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    You have to know your niche first and the audience you are targeting. Then when you have that, everything else follows.

    Not Just “Another” Team

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    Guys !
    Thanks for helping and giving your time here..

    So looking at the posts above, I think I'll start with Solo ads, Free or paid WSO's and product creation.
    I think that these traffic sources will make a good responsive list.

    Again, Thanks all.
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  • I'm a little late to drop my input on this baby - but I'd definitely go with a WSO where you make people pay you to join your list.

    They have shown that they are willing to open their wallets up to you in order to hear from you.

    What could be better than that . . . well in terms of list building . . . I guess doing a launch and getting affiliates to send you thousands of new leads for FREE . . . but the point is ;-) if you're just starting out - which you may already be well into the grind - launching a paid WSO would be a great way to do it!

    Sell a $5 - $9 product and use it as trip wire, then you explode your list with BUYERS!

    I hope that helps, even though I'm like a month late to find this.

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    You need to value on your email content rather than promoting stuff. Try check who in your list not open your broadcast email for a while, ask them to contact you.. or give them some head up that they will be remove on your list if not respond to you. Its just way to clean your list. The quantity is not important as the quality of your list. Solo ads can be good or you could do JV with other people to increase your list.
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