How To Promote Youtube Video For Free

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Hi guys. I need help with promoting this video on youtube for free. Can you help me find the best ways to increase traffic and conversion?
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    Use tool youtube views increaser .. it will get you good ranking in youtube list automatically.
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      Where do I get the youtube views increaser?
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    Can you help me find the best ways to increase traffic and conversion?
    The first thing I would do is remove the keyword stuffed "description" and write an actual description.
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      The first thing I would do is remove the keyword stuffed "description" and write an actual description.
      Hi Brent. Thanks for the feedback. I just added a description. Is the affiliate link in the right place, though?
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    I think you should just go to rank your videos naturally and you will get lots of views and conversions.
    Otherwise I don't think there is a free method to promote your youtube videos.
    Get help from fiverr to rank your videos.
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    try some social websites.
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    Our youtube video got 18 views on its 2nd week.
    Do you think it is a good amount of views? We already shared it to social networking sites like: facebook, twitter, google+ and tumblr. Any suggestions to get some more views. This is actually our first youtube video. Here it is, Online Casino Benefits - YouTube

    If you guys got some suggestions please tell me. Of course, anything but traffic exchange sites because I don't think I would want fake views on my video.


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    Use tool youtube views increaser .. it will get you good ranking in youtube list automatically.
    If you want low quality views, then use that. To promote your video, you need to optimize your video for SEO so you can get found on YouTube.
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    In getting traffic and conversion for your videos there are some things you need to know and do.

    There is what is called Video SEO. This has to be done correctly and in the right manner so that you do not get your video or channel penalized by Google and when done correctly, it helps with the ranking of your video(s) which leads to increase in traffic and sales.

    When it comes to any website, you will not want to just put an article and expect that site to do extremely well, likewise videos. It is not advisable to just put up one video and expect that just that one video will do the the magic of incredible sales for you. For that channel to do well, it is better for the videos to be congruent with one another as well as with the channel. This helps the channel to rank as well as the videos and furthermore, you get the benefit of another video of yours to be suggested leading to more traffic to your videos instead of someone else's video.

    Your Title, Video Description and tags should be well crafted. Utilize the power of annotation effectively but moderately. Although this will not have any effect on the SEO of your videos, it sure can be used to increase participation and the the traffic can be directed to where you want.

    When the On page video seo is properly done, then you need to start thinking of backlinks. This is because backlinks enhances the video seo, helps your video to rank and gain the desired traffic and conversion. However, the type of backlinks too matters a lot. I have used some backlinks in the past and got my fingers burnt. In all ramification, strive to get good and quality backlinks to your videos. This helps your videos to rank well in the SE. Let the backlinks be authority backlinks.

    This is just a skeletal representation of one of the safest ways of ranking your videos and gaining traffic on the search engines.

    This is the style that I am using and free of course and I want to believe that are other super warriors too with their own successful systems as well.
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    There's a lot of information on this subject in The War Room (I see you're a member).

    I found this thread to be particularly helpful:
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    You can also use facebook pages for the promotion of your videos.
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    if you don't want to pay for traffic and views -which i believe is worthless and you should not spend money on that- , is to start sharing it through all social websites , create an email marketing campaign with a good email marketing company and start send to your email list. (there are a lot of ways to build an email list; check the forum)
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    Make the impressive title and description and try to use forum seeding and social marketing methods, they are all the great way to promote a youtube video.
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    The best way I find to promote my Youtube videos every other day is to visit my videos without
    signing in to my account (like a visitor) and then sharing my videos on all social networks by
    selecting the share video button, that's how I do it, Simple simon
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    You're looking at this the wrong way - no offense.

    Yes - rank on YT. You should be able to get your primary keyword in minutes to hours.

    BUT . . . leverage that ranking for other search engines.

    Best of luck, buddy. You have the right idea - YT traffic is superb for this niche.


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    1. Start by using the tools available directly through YouTube. For example, provide a detailed and accurate title and description to each of your videos, and associate tags (keywords) that are directly relevant.

    2. Use a call to action within your videos to encourage people to like, rate, comment on and share your videos.

    3. Begin by promoting your videos to the people you know, including your real-life friends, relatives, customers and clients. Ask these people to watch your video(s) and share them with their online friends.

    4. Take advantage of the power and capabilities of the online social networking sites to promote your videos. As a spokesperson for your company, for example, become active on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, as well as other relevant services. Be sure to create an online presence for your business on Facebook and/or Google+, and then use that presence to promote your videos.

    5. Incorporate your videos into your own company’s website and blog.

    6. Share links to your videos with your existing customers or clients via opt-in email.
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    You should also add keywords in the bottom box right underneath the video.

    Add like 20 different keywords. This should help too.
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  • Use Keyword in

    also Share your video on facebook profile and tag with your friends (who has more than 1000 friends in list)

    and Groups......

    also use Call to Action

    Dont spam
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    Post lots of comments on other relevant YouTube videos and some of the people reading them might click through to yours if your comment is interesting and your channel name looks interesting and relevant etc.

    Other than that, most of the advice on traffic methods in general will apply to YouTube vids. I'd presonally recommend working with Google rather than against them, because then your results get better as Google improves their algorithms rather than you thinking you have a good method then suddenly losing all your income. What I mean is . . . trying to trick Google into giving you more traffic by creating lots of links yourself is not such a good idea as doing something like Article syndication or guest posting on blogs. Also be sure that your info is up to date, for example most experts now agree that meta-keywords don't do anything for Google and do little for other search engines, but you'll still find people selling IM methods that say how important meta-keywords, and keyword density are, and other such info that is many years out of date.

    I guess one of the main things is to make your videos in a way that people will want to tell others about them. There are more searches done on YouTube than on Google so people are not only looking for vids of cats falling off things, they use YouTube as a tool to find out how to do things, or for general information searching, so give them the best you can.

    Many of the principles for creating a good YouTube video are the same principles for writing a good article, such as . . . be controversial (but not too beyond the reality of others), use humor effectively, use honesty (people are becoming more and more immune to hype and obvious hard-sell these days) give people really useful information, or spark a discussion etc.

    Hope that helps

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    Some great websites out there that will boost vies and likes etc, they will certainly help with getting your ranking up!
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    1.Word of Mouth
    5.Bookmarking Sites
    6.Article Links
    7.Blogs and Forums
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    As others have suggested, have a well-crafted title and description goes much further than just jamming as many keywords as you can into it. Aside from that, for promoting and sharing videos, social media is an amazing tool. Get your video out there, share it with related pages and encourage users to share, like or comment either with great engaging posts, or maybe try out a giveaway.
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    Hi there, as i know is using SEO to rank the video at the top of the search engine and video sharing site. One of website that i know is Video Valet. For free traffic, i think it would take some time such as using social media, blog commenting, guest posting etc.

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    I have good experience according to your requirements, I have 140 youtube videos with google adsense inbuild right now I am promoting day by day through social media sites, I have old social media accounts and thousands of friends in each social media profile. So please share your videos day by day with each social sites.
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