Name three of your top IM books!

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Looking to pick up some books. Name three of your top IM books and why! Fire away!
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    Idea Virus by Seth Godin. It's older but its ideas are still relevant. The IM game is all about positioning yourself properly.

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      Have to second what writeaway said but when I first started out 6 months ago I read a book by Christine Clayfield (From newbie to millionaire) Both are great in my opnion. It all depends on what your looking for and you level of understanding of how this industry works.

      Hope this helps

      Good Luck

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    That's easy for me
    1. Influence by Robert Cialdini ( this is a must if you want to understand what motivates buyers)
    2. Oglivy On Advertising By John Olgivy (A classic on how to create advertising that sells)
    3. Your Next Big Thing: Ten Small Steps To Get Moving and Be Happy By Ben Michaelis, PhD (This is a must read to understand how to set up your life as an internet marketing entrepreneur)
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    How I Made a Million Dollars on the Internet by Ewen Chia
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    Millionaire fastlane, hands down
    Venom Software
    Craigslist lead scraper mailer/Linkedin Bot
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    1. Search Engine Optimization For Dummies
    2. Secret Conversations with Internet Millionaires:
    3. The Social Media Marketing Book

    of course none of them can beat experience , but its a nice start !
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    Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, btw most of good stuff I found online in Internet Marketing blogs, good reads.
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      The Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner.
      Very informative book.
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