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by ktjia
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I'm a long time member here but I don't post often. However I was setting up a website yesterday and considering how to add some bonuses on to an affiliate offer I'm proposing to my list.

I know that affiliates often add bonuses for people buying through their link which got me wondering - how does the affiliate know which of their list members became a buyer?

Maybe I missed that in affiliate school. Regardless, I thought of an excellent way for both marketers and their affiliates to benefit (increase their positioning) from affiliate sales and was wondering how I would verify that it's a worthy idea.

My first thought is "test it" but I don't have products of my own or lots of traffic at this point. Is there another way?

Thanks for any help.
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    how does the affiliate know which of their list members became a buyer?
    Tell them to get the bonus they have to send you a copy of their receipt. You can have them send it to an autoresponder with a link to download their bonus.
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    That's how I've seen marketers do it Brent but what are some good ways to verify that the people who bought the product bought it from your link?
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    If you are using JVzoo, there is an option to auto add an email to your autoresponder once they bought. It is really convenient reason why most marketers preferred the platform.
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    Some of the bigger platforms nowadays have this feature integrated so you (as an affiliate) can include a download link for your bonus and customers get access to this link after purchasing the product through your affiliate link.

    Other than that, the old school way is to just tell people to email their receipt to you. You then verify their purchase and respond with download instructions for their bonus.
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      Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the help.
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