Am I high, or, Does The Warrior Forum now offer the same listing abilities as Warrior Plus?

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You read that correctly.

It seems that when I try to upload a new WSO using Warrior Plus, it appears that the Warrior Forum now MAY offer the same capabilities as WP.

Is this correct? Do we even need to use Warrior Plus to upload a WSO?
It seems like we would just be giving away money to "them" for what?

I don't know, the changes are confusing me. Do I need to purchase the WSO thread from WF BEFORE uploading it to Warrior Plus? I haven't used WP since they've changed their set up.

P.S. I still can't upload a video on my WSO. I will give a FREE copy to anyone who can get this figured out for me. It's THE ULTIMATE guide to ranking in Google.

Hey, I'm a good marketer but I never claimed to be techie geek,, (no offense geeks, I love you guys)

Robert C.
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