How to work in the Information age?

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I read a lot of books about study techniques, mind mapping and productivity. I summarized all my thoughts in a few page and am sharing this summary with you all. Please let me know what do you think about the ideas in this short summary

How to work in the information age?
Table of Contents
1. Information overload
2. Intellectual capital
3. Information product and services
4. Creativity and Innovation
5. Productivity and Efficiency
6. Stress and Hostile environment
7. Relaxation and Reward
8. Taking notes
9. Mind mapping and Mnemonics
10. Getting things done
11. Goal setting
12. Creative visualization and hypnosis
13. Music

Information overload
There is so much information on the Internet, in the textbook, social media, email and libraries that people suffer from information overload. This cause a lot of stress and confusion. It is simply not possible to go through all the information. We need to search, select, filter and use only the information we need.
Intellectual capital
Information is valuable and is bought and sold even in depressed economies like Bangladesh. People do pay for information products and services. People buy movies, songs, newspaper, books, tutoring service and people do pay for school, college and university education
Information product and services
Information product and services is multibillion dollar industry. Software, video games, movie, music, books, newspaper, magazine, education, research are all highly profitable industries.
Creativity and innovation
New companies are created and new product and services earn millions of dollars. All of these happens due to creativity and innovation. Knowing more enable people to connect the dots and create new products and services. It is important to learn more and at the same time connect the ideas together to create new products and services.
Productivity and Efficiency
We have only 24 hours a day. We sleep for 10 hour a day. We waste a lot of the time in doing various activities and then we make a little progress every day. Reading everything that is assigned is stupid because you simply do not have enough time to read everything. Just read the PowerPoints, heading, subheading, table of content and try to get a general idea of the subject matter. When you don't understand something only then you lookup that specific chapter and read that section only.
Stress and Hostile Environment
People do not produce quality work in stressful and hostile environment. So it is important to avoid stressful situation and stop studying when you are stressed out.
Relaxation and Reward
To produce great quality work and to be creative you need to relax and reward yourself a lot. Take a break, go for a walk, meditate, swim, eat, listen to music, get distracted, watch television or surf the internet to refresh your mind.
Taking notes
It is not possible to read everything. Trying to read everything exhaust you and waste a lot of time. The better option is to take notes. Be selective in what you learn. Filter, select and note only the important information that you need to learn. Taking notes force you to be active and think about the information. The hand and brain connection when writing and typing keeps you focused more than just reading silently.
Mind mapping and Mnemonics
Convert the notes into mind maps for faster review. Mind maps use keywords and are easy to read and draw faster than linear notes. Mind maps encourage association of ideas and enable you to be more creative by enhancing your thinking ability. The visual presentation of the mind map boosts your brain power because the brain like visuals. You can use mnemonics and google images to link up ideas to remember key information that you do want to remember. You can take photos of the locations or loci and associate the key images in a graphical way to make it easy for you to remember and review
Getting Things Done
David Allen of Getting Things Done tells that the mind suffers from stress and slows down when it has too much information in its RAM. So it is important to write down everything that is on your mind in a trusted system like computer or paper. Just visualizing your thought enable you to overcome mental blocks and make you move forward. Cleaning the mess in your room or table enable you to think clearly because the physical mess also affects your mental mess.
Goal setting
Earl Nightingale the author of The Strangest Secret tells to write down your goals. Bryan Zimmerman tells in his book that just writing down the goal is not enough you do need to add the details of how you are going to get things done. Write every step you will take to accomplish the goal. List all the details. Frank Kern and Mark Anastasi tells that writing down a detailed goal enabled them to achieve a lot of wealth.
Creative Visualization and hypnosis
Meditation, hypnosis and creative visualization are all the same thing. Amazing things happen in a deep trance. People can travel to past and future. People can reincarnate as a different personality and people can be made to believe anything even if it is not true. A person in a hypnotic trance can be made to believe that the belt is a snake and he will be completely scared and really believe that statement. But hypnosis can be used for good purpose and can be used to enhance your brain power and convince you that you are an excellent student and you study hard.
Music generates alpha brain wave and relax you. Baroque music is thought to be beneficial for academic study. But music can also be a distraction, so listen only during breaks to refresh your mind or have a music without voice play in the background so you get into the zone.
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  • Great stuff. Thanks for the post. I believe that the problem with lack of progress is not in information overload, but in lack of motivation, self discipline and productivity to apply whats learnt

    Great post

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      Info Overload for sure...However, I'm learning that solid processes work. they're not sexy, but will stand the test. No one's going to get around taking action and hard work.

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