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I am doing a bit of research here and would like to get some suggestions from you my fellow warriors!

I am putting together a newsletter that will offer internet marketing facts and tips, etc on various things related to internet marketing.

What are some good topics you would like to see covered in an internet marketing newsletter if you were a subscriber of my newsletter...

for example 2 topics may be:

Making money by being an affiliate marketer.
How to build your mailing list

Thanks in advance for your suggestions as I want to really make this newsletters content be what newbies and intermediate marketers are wanting to read about :-)
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    Take a look at my newsletter to get some fantastic ideas.

    Small Business newsletter
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      how to make $1k per day with no work involved .. lol

      Well, I think the topics you chose are just too general .. Instead of making money as an affiliate marketer, I would go with:

      "3 proven ways to earn money as an dating affiliate"
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        Get specific.

        Use your own experiences. There are so many Web sites and ezines on Internet marketing that it's easy to get lost in the shuffle.

        Start by deciding who your audience is. It sounds as if you're targeting newbies.

        So make a list of what newbies need to know:

        * How to choose an affiliate product - where? Why? How much can a newbie earn, and how?

        * How to promote the chosen product effectively - pick a product, and show how to promote it. By buying a domain name, etc.

        There's a lot of fluff online, so if you're specific, and get down to details, you should do well.
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          Thank you to all of you so far who have replied and offered your suggestions and advice :-) It is much appreciated!
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