I need a good START, selling starter websites!

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I've been looking a seller on flippa and ebay and I'm wating to try it out!

I need to know in details how to get started? And how do these seller sells a website under 30 days old for $500? I saw one turnkey website that was 20 days old sell for $185 on ebay!

I figured I would.....
Build a fitness realted blog with content, youtube video, a catching domain, email newsletter and some adsense ads. I would like to spend about $85 total.

Second drive traffic and put it up for sale!? But how would I get traffic there?

Can anyone share their experience on selling websites? Send me a Skype message Rhoda.montreal
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    Hi Rhoda1990, easier said than done quite frankly. Building your site is the 'easy' part. I say easy because of TIME.

    Generating traffic is the more time consuming aspect. You can use paid activities to drive traffic or non-paid (free) methods. If you use paid methods and split test your ads then you can possibly get traffic 'quickly'. The free methods take longer from my experience. But there are experts out there who can possibly drive traffic quickly to your site but for a fee. Heck a quick post here on WF can generate a lot of vendor partners offering their services.

    The long and short of it is that you need to provide statistics of your site's performance to your potential buyer(s) so that you could command a suitable price and get a satisfactory ROI.

    Research the concept on Google or Bing. There are 'tons' of free info out there.

    All the best to you.
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      OK, I understand. But its being done ALOT! I don't think all of these site being sold have got lots of traffic anyways. I just need to make 3 to 6 sales a month and maybe $15 in adense revenue. But, I don't your very helpful anyways....
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    Hey Jemacb, thank you for sharing this information with us.
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    Selling a website is not all about traffic. Sometimes it's just all about the proven earnings a site can generate. Sometimes you can have a site with low traffic that converts well. If you can prove this to a potential buyer, then more than likely that will be enough to close the sale.
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    Yeah, That's what thought!
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    So...you want to make $100 profit for a site?

    Why don't you take the bundle you are proposing to businesses in your area like Hair Salons, Massage Therapists, etc..that do not have sites, or really awful sites, and offer to build them sites for $200. You could still spend the $85 to build the site and make a profit, but you get an extra bonus.

    You now have paying clients who will want updates, upgrades, SEO, and other services..
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      That's sound like a good idea! What type of software could I use to build the website? I know a little about html too, but I want to spend under $100 for a program. Also I could also sell turnkey websites on ebay. I've seen some wp template with content sell for $25
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    There are sellers who don't have traffic or revenue on their websites and they make a reasonable profit. My advise is build these sorts of sites first, then from the profits build income generating sites.
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    NEW WF section. Freemarket found on home page. Study every thread and post, you'll see some very successful web site sellers there.

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    Give your websites away for free. Condition being, they have to sign up with host gator. Easy $6,000 a month if you know how to scale this idea. I outsource it. Another way is to make direct contact with businesses who need a website and give them a starter package. Lots of competition in the places you're looking at, so think outside of the box and profit.

    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    The hidden secret: many Ebay sellers selling "websites" aren't really ...

    They are actually selling their hosting.

    They buy a domain, put up a template site, sell it for whatever the market will allow, and offer you to continue hosting with them, or allow you to move the site.

    A very large percentage of people will just continue to host with you - particularly if you offer the first 1-3 months for free...
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    I quite agree that a lot of people actually sell their sites at any rate the market can offer so that they can make more money through their hosting.

    You need to know that without traffic stats or proof that you are making money with such site, the worth of that type of site will not be much compared with a site that has lots of traffic on a aged domain and made money. The key to making sales with some of those sites with no traffic is in the sales volume. The owner of such sites, gets to recoup their investment in selling more of those type of site.

    In selling that type of site, a kind of plugin is installed to back up the site and when sold, they tend to download the backed up content on another domain and with a little tweaking and some customization, they have a brand new site listed for sale. A lot of services rendering site make use of this strategy.

    For a service rendering site, getting traffic and sales is not difficult. Just with some fast traffic generation strategies, the site records a couple of sales. That number of sales is more than enough to increase the worth of such site when listed for sale. This is because, it has been established that the site has a potential of making money and when the strategy is scaled up, you will make more money.

    However, you will get to make more money with an authority site built on an aged domain.

    The traffic you need for this type of content site is same as you would build for any site. Like forum posting, videos, viral content, social media sharing, blog commenting etc
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