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Hi everyone,

This may be a silly question, but if I sell some ad space on my blog directly to an advertiser (e.g. one month of a banner ad showing in the sidebar), should I invoice for the payment at the start of the month? Or at the end after their ad has ran?

Should I actually expect any money before I put any ads live? Or should I be happy to be paid afterwards?

This is my first experience of selling directly (I usually use Adsense) so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi AdamJ85

    I would say, it depends who is your customer.
    If it's a small company or even a one man company it should be fine to
    charge the money upfront. If you have a agency as a customer it would be
    better to charge the after the 1. month.

    Have a good day!
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      Thanks for the feedback.

      It's a marketing agency working on behalf of a well known (at least, well know within the niche) pet supplies company.
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        Since they apparently approached you and seem to be reputable, you might ask them. Use an "alternate choice close" along the lines of "How do you usually pay, upfront or net 30?" I don't think you want to extend terms longer than 30 days.

        I hope you'll keep us posted, since I'm planning on selling ads directly myself on some of my sites.
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      I would always ask for payment upfront. You have no idea who your adveritser is. Chances are that after the month is up they will disappear, never to be heard of again and you are left out of pocket.

      Look at sites like BuySellAds. You must always pay upfront.
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