USD account will make me pay US taxes?

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I'm based in the UK running a UK limited company. I have two main sources of ecommerce business. One is Amazon affiliates and the other one is ecommerce using Gumroad as a payment gateway.

Amazon - can only pay me through check which is cumbersome and slow or to a USD bank account
Gumroad - can only pay me PayPal which is cumbersome and I don't want to use or to a USD bank account

So I made up my mind to open a USD bank account at Citi.

Now as the account is pre approved they asked me to fill in and send them the W-8BEN and Customer information form. The wording is a bit confusing at places.

My main concern is that at some places the form mention that I need to state I do not conduct trade or business in the USA. Well I do not have a USA company and I'm not a USA citizen or national but most of my online customers are from the USA. Also my payment provider Amazon and Gumroad both are USA companies. Gumroad which is my payment gateway has the payments processed on a USA server.

So I want to make sure I can state that and would not get into trouble. Eg getting a letter from IRS that in fact I need to pay USA taxes.
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