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Are there any tricks to getting your fiverr gig ranked higher and faster?
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    Originally Posted by Geek3000 View Post

    Are there any tricks to getting your fiverr gig ranked higher and faster?
    Use your service keyword on your gig title, description and on the tags. You can check other gigs that are ranking higher already related to your gig and use the tags on yours.

    Secondly the more positive feedback you get on your gig, the higher you will rank on the rating side of Fiverr
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    I think the new algo has something to do with the ammount of Gigs completed in the time that it's been up.

    So a gig that gets lots of orders and repeat orders quickly, is more likely to rank higher.
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    Thanks guys for the advice and tips!!
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    they have the indicators of how to achieve a specific rank in fiverr, all you need to do is to
    1. have a good product/ service
    2. promote it heavily
    3. deliver as it's promised

    The quicker you do those 3 steps the better, the quicker your rank will increase. That's a faster way to do it.

    I also recommend you to take a look what kinda gig you have that sells faster, tweak a bit around that.
    Gigs that are not popular, not getting sales even after tons of exposure, delete it and change it with another kind of gig. Test things out, that's the only way to do it. NO other way.
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    Now gigs need to have their keywords in title and You will rank if you have high ratings and I am not sure if amount of orders, cancel rate or response time is used but I have 2 gigs ranked higher and they have same rating but mine actually more positive reviews. So something else determines it.

    Keywords in descriptions mean nothing now.
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    I think this could be usefull... a report with all the gigs in each category, detailed with "New Sellers", "Level One", "Level Two" and "Top Sellers".. so you can decide in which category you have less rivals:


    Hope you like it!
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    I searched and found nothing that can give us a clear idea about fiverr ranking system. Just we can imagine their process, nothing else.
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    Using proper keywords on your title, description and tags will work. But feedbacks will sky rocket your earnings.
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    It is really in the feedback. Lots of great feedback will really improve your income on Fiverr.
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    It's all about feedback. I have a 100% rating on fiverr and over 500 happy reviews. Tip: MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY!

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    I agree make sure your product or end result is good quality, get reviews and it will help.

    Don't be afraid to ask your clients to leave reviews

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    Keywords can be instrumental, but you best mileage will be organic social proof. Reviews, placement of strategic blog articles, etc. Good luck.
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    Always ask your clients to leave a 5star review and explain them that your aim is to leave them 100% happy so if they feel like they need to leave a negative review or a 4 star review , ask them to contact you first and see what you can "fix".

    Simple things like communication and honesty can do wonders.
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