BIG Data or BIG Fuss? What is your thought on it?

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It has been recently a lot of talk on Big Data. Is it really worth the hype or an other marketing gimmick?

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    Depends on the context (weather forecasting, predicting what customers are likely to buy, etc) but it's very real in that lots of things have more data than they can comfortably handle and have to find ways to work with it in real time.
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      Big Data is a term that encompasses a lot of different technologies. HR departments are using the title a lot now when looking for people. Many of the people looking into Big Data don't really need it. A relational database or a simple python script can solve most problems. As a general rule you don't need big data unless you have more than a few TB of information distributed across multiple machines.

      Big data is data that is distributed. The complexity of systems, both engineered and biological, jumps considerably when you go from monolithic to distributed architectures.

      It's not really a fad as the amount of data that humans deal with is growing exponentially.

      A good example of Big Data is recording of experiments generated by the Large Hadron Collider >25 petabytes a year.

      Or the NSA spying on all of us with a few exabytes of data.
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