Using Software Still Work With Google Updates?

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Hi everyone, just wanted to get some insights on using software like SEnuke, bookmarking demon, article marketing robot and so on.

Are these still good to use with all the new google updates? Someone was trying to sell me manual submission SEO services on freelancer.

Was advised not to use and that it is not as effective anymore. I would like to just be 100% sure since I keep reading mixed opinions. Any info right now would be awesome! Thanks
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    Hi, software simply allows you to automate a process so you can do it faster. If your initial process is rubbish then you will only generate the same rubbish process but much faster.

    Realize that Google is aware of tools such as SENuke, Xrumer, BMD etc so be careful how you use them.

    e.g. Too many people blast links from all types of webpages to their top level domains using names such as "earn money online" (I'm looking at you here scrapebox).

    The key to backlinks is to make them as natural as possible - and this means build slowly from relevant websites. Automated software (if used improperly) can build thousands of unnatural backlinks which can raise a red flag with Google.

    I'm not saying do not use them - I'm saying be very careful how you use them!!

    Best wishes
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    I think it would be ideal to focus on publishing extremely informative articles and let your website collect back links naturally.

    Check out this article, it basically proves that you don't need to build links in order to rank a website: Zero Link Building - How To Rank A Site Without Building Links

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