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I am new here. I just wanted to know that how can I create a decent ebook of around 100 pages. Is there any software for that?
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    OpenOffice is a free software that you can use to create a PDF file from the test that you write.

    You may want to use the search feature on this forum to find lots of information on the topic of writing an ebook (or any other topic related to IM for that matter).
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    If you are looking for an automated software that will create you a decent e-book then None that I know.

    If you are referring to e-book cover you can try Adobe Photoshop and go to this website to download your desired cover.

    If you want to know how to create a good e-book manually here's my tip. I used this everytime I create one.

    Do your research

    Create an Outline, chapter per chapter
    Then for each chapter plan how you will transition the chapter
    Then expound more on the topics per chapter.

    Another option is to find a Private Label Rights (PLR) E-book and update it to your own.
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    You're best bet . . .

    Open Office. It comes with a PDF export feature.

    Is there better software? Sure, but OO has everything you need. The only think you'll have to do is design a good cover, or use a service (Fiverr, for instance).

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    I use Indesign when creating eBooks its part of the Adobe suite.
    You can also type it out on word and export it as PDF too.
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    Just write one up in Microsoft word. Go to, and turn the file into ebook format, and then they'll email it to you instantly. Ebook done. You dont need anything fancy. Now if you want to create some great looking ebook covers... that's a different story. You're probably better off letting a pro do this part for you.
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    There are many levels to your question.

    Many have been addressed above.

    I'd suggest you forget the "100 Pages" and write exactly the number of pages it takes to impart the information you are wanting to present.

    If it takes 100 pages no more no less then so be it. However, if you can tell your story in 25 pages do so. If it takes 500 pages then do that.

    If you are determined to write an ebook, GET STARTED. A mere 400 words a day will soon be ebook length.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    Once you're done with your ebook, make your ebook look tangible, design your ebook ecover because by doing this you're adding more value in your prospect's eye.
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    Google docs is better than Openoffice in my opinion for eBooks.

    Offive365 trumps all though, and it's only like £8 a month.
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    Start with an outline - you can do that in Notepad, MS Word, OpenOffice or Google Docs, any of them will work for an outline.

    Final product, use MS Word or OpenOffice which can be saved as PDF which is a good format for distribution

    You may want to use a template for your ebook that already sets up styles, chapter headings, front matter (TOC, Copyright statement, Disclaimer, etc...) to help you format the inside of your ebook - I would recommend this.

    Finally, think about including diagrams and/or images to enhance your ebook (I wouldn't go crazy, but having one of these per chapter is useful in helping to break up your content, make your ebook look more professional and lower return/refund rates overall as well as help you get some positive reviews and word-of-mouth

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    If you don't want to download any software, you can simply use Penflip.
    Here's the link...

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