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Hi guys (and gals)

I have had a pretty rubbish day so far, culminating in my being told that my job is no longer secure, i.e., I am about to be made redundant. I never expected this so, as they say, look out, it CAN happen to you! Anyway. After crying for an hour or so (I know, soppy, but it was an instant reaction) I pulled myself together and decided that I need to take action.

Therefore, I need a little advice. I am aware of the basics of IM, have dabbled a little but nothing serious and now need to actually look at making this work for me. I have been overwhelmed with offers of the latest products, Keith Wellman's Easy Video Formula, Chris Freville's Dominating Niches, and a training course by Tony Shepherd, who's products made me take an initial interest in IM a couple of years ago.

I have a (now) very limited amount of money to throw around, so I wondered if anyone had suggestions as to which would be the best product to invest in? I know it will take time and work whichever one I choose, and some investment. I don't expect an easy ride or a miracle, but I would like to be able to eventually improve my income to at least pay the mortgage as the thought of loosing my home is a little daunting.

So, any suggestions? Has anyone tried any of these, or is there something better that you can recommend? All thoughts are gratefully received.

Thanks in anticipation
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    Probably the best value course out there that's also relataviely cheap in the IM area is John Reese's Traffic Secrets 2 course (Traffic Secrets).

    As the name suggests, it focuses heavily on how to get traffic, but there's plenty in there to also get you started on more ideas than you'd ever need.

    I think it would be a good *first* major course to go through if you're pretty new. It's high quality information, and costs around one fifth of similar courses from other "gurus." ($397).

    If you don't want to make a major investment then read everything on this forum from people who are already successful. You can learn so much here for free.

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    Thanks Alex.

    I do know the basics, I just haven't really taken the time to put it all together. I have only made a few sales over the last twelve months, nothing like what I know is possible with work. I shall take a look at your sggestion. Again, thanks for taking the time to respond.
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    If you've made a few sales already then you're a long way down the road. Some people have been trying for a long time and not made a sale.

    Keep doing what you did to make those sales, but just do more of it!

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    I will! I think I have been afraid of failing, failing at what I have no idea, I cannot fail at anything if I don't try it, thats for sure!
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      Seems like you're well on your way to success and you've started making the mental adjustment.

      One day you'll be able to look back on this day and thank your lucky stars.

      First thing I would suggest is that you make learning a part of your routine. There's an incredible amount of information out there about marketing online. Read as many of the quality posts here as you have time for. There's a ton of helpful information on this forum - as I'm sure you're aware - and it won't cost you anything but your time. Of course, time is the one thing we never seem to have enough of. That's why you need to be selective.

      Avoid thinking that you've got to have the latest and greatest product to succeed. It's a never-ending trap. Learn... study... discover... and most of all - put what you learn into practice.

      Decide what you want to accomplish. Set your goals and then write a one-page plan for reaching each one. This gives you small action steps you can take to start moving in the right direction. As you move forward, your plan will most likely change. But that doesn't matter. Keep adapting and and stay on track.

      There are plenty of specific paths you can take. Follow those that make sense to you and don't be tempted to hitch onto the latest bandwagon.

      I wish you the best... and welcome you to the land of the entrepreneur!


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    Better than purchasing any course is taking action right away.

    Think what you know most about and write 10 pages special report
    about that.

    Then expand that subject into 30-40 page ebook telling everything
    in more details.

    Create ecovers for your report and ebook (or pay for it, it's cheap).
    Create the squeeze page where you will give away your report( you can customize some good squeeze page template)
    On the confirmation page and thankyou page, hit the subscriber
    with your ebook, sell it for $17-$27.

    Promote your squeeze page and drive traffic to it.

    Write 10 autoresponder emails on same subject and in each
    email sell your ebook until they buy or duy.
    Sell, sell, sell.
    No links :)
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    Alminc, thanks! I am just sat here reading the forums right now, trying to quell the silly tears and get my head around no longer having a job. But I will follow your directions (the $300 course is a little out of my reach at the moment, I have no redundancy pay to come). I have a blank mind and absolutely no idea of what product to start with, but something will come to mind I'm sure.

    Robert, thank you for the encouragement. I am terrified!
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    Katie, I agree with posters above, you sound like you don't really need anything aside from some good old fashioned action and results!

    The basics is literally ALL you need to know. If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say Squidoo, Ezinearticles, Blogger, WordPress, then YES go and buy a course, but if you do, then just go and do it. Do anything Get some results going.

    Track your results, share them and ask advice here on what you can do to improve, then take the advice and do it again. Do NOT be afraid to make a mistake or even to avoid making mistakes... Just make them and be done with it. Sounds so simple, but it is.

    I have been where you are now and I can tell you that MAKING the mistakes is the best way to make the fear of making them go away (and yeah, it really does go away eventually!).

    Here's a thread that can help out with specifics, remember this IS all you need, don't let anybody tell you different. http://www.warriorforum.com/mind-war...-500-fast.html

    - Harry Behrens

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    Before you buy anything, just think for a bit about your strengths and then see which business model they will suit the best. Obviously think about your weeknesses too and take them into consideration while deciding about what you want to do.

    I have been buying almost every thing available and everything that's comes to the market, especially released by the Gurus, but I have realised that if anything that makes money is SELLING and not Buying.

    So Taking action is the key...

    All the important business models can be summarised as below

    Affiliate Marketing
    Information Product or Software Selling
    Physical Products Store
    Sell your Services (Copywriting, Design, link building Etc)
    Offline Marketing

    There is plenty of resources in the forum, so may not need to buy anything especially of your resources are limited at present.

    If you are short of money and want it immediately, you can offer some services like article writing or link building to other Warriors.

    I hope it helps, if you need anymore ideas, do PM me about what are your strenghts and I ll try to guide you.

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      Before you spend a dime on anything - think about the difference between "investing" and "buying".

      You invest in a site builder; invest in a good reseller hosting plan; invest in domain names; invest later in tools or scripts to enhance my sites or make a process easier/faster to do.

      If you are looking for "offers" that are programs/products/ebooks without knowing exactly why you need them or what action you would take with them....it's not an "investment" - it's a "purchase".

      Every child needs a pet because every family needs an optimist

      Saving one dog will not save the world....but will forever change the world for one dog.
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        Do you want to know the best investment in any course around? Join the War Room. $37. You will learn more in there in a few hours than a handful of thousand dollar courses will teach you in a year. Best investment I've made online ever, period.

        Any members here will vouch for what I'm saying. Matter of fact, do a thread search on it and just read some of the comments, then make your decision. You wont be disappointed. Take care. Patrick
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    Great Post Kay, well said in few words

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    Thanks Harry
    I do know squidoo, I have an account. I can and do use wordpress, blogger and twitter, indeed, I have quite a lot of saleable information about wordpress, such as site templates, 'how to' videos and ebooks, so maybe that could be my starting point.

    I have offered a package to a warrior to check and comment on, if he likes it then I can consider selling it maybe. Right now my mind is so blurry that I can't even blooming well remember how to ftp the link stuff for him! Coffee, a rest and then get on with it I think! Thanks for the link, it's a great help, as is all of the encouragement from fellow warriors.

    Doc, I have strengths I know, I have built a few (bad!) websites for friends, and have a resell hosting account that I am doing nothing with right now. Thank you for the PM offer, much appreciated.

    Kay, I know you are right! I panicked and then took off at a tangent that I don't think I need. I will get back on track shortly. I think it was just the shock and the fear that I won't be able to pay the mortgage

    Thank you all!
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    Hi Katie,
    Sorry to hear you had such a crappy day! Hope it gets better

    Firstly, asking here for advice should be applauded, you're thinking in the right direction. Secondly, and this will be the case if you dont have a great deal of money to invest is quite possibly THE most important rule I have learnt over the last few years in this business. And the rule is this...


    Find someone who is successful doing what you want to do and replicate what they are doing. Nothing fancy, just plain and simple.

    Hope this helps.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    Oh and something else. Make a conscious decision and do ONE THING at a time! "Ideas hopping" or dropping one thing to move onto the next will have you doing lots of everything and plenty of nothing.


    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    The best stuff I have seen lately is Eric Louviere's WarriorTactics.

    Get it if you can. If it's not on the market (I think it isn't) beg
    him to sell it to you. I got it as a WSO myself.

    ALSO - get BOOKS on how to market YOURSELF - you are now
    a free agent... and the safest route to success is for you to
    get proficient at selling some service as a freelancer. Offline
    "consulting" is good to explore.

    You have skills already and people will pay you to use those skills
    to help them achieve their goals. YOU CANNOT just hang out a
    shingle however - you need to market your services with passion
    and commitment.

    It will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life but
    it will also challenge you deeply.
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      Hi Katie,

      Sorry to hear you had such a bad day. I think the first thing you need to do id have a hot bath and a good sleep, you won't get any constructive planning done when your head is in a whirl.

      You have been given lots of good advice here already, you already have the baqsic knowledge, it is just a matter of you choosing one strategy and sticking with it, it will never work if you keep jumping from one thing to another.

      I will tell you about one course I found to be very good and that was One Week Marketing by the Pot Pie girl Jennifer Ledbetar. The reason why it is so effective is that she lays you out a set plan to follow over 7 days, very easy to follow, very effective and best of all she uses only free resources such as Squidoo and Article marketing to begin with (she does go into PPC a bit later, but this is more advanced methods and not part of the 7 day plan). I think the product sells for $47 on Clickbank. But almost as valuable as the product itself is the follow up help and information you get from Jennifer. She is always sending valuable information and free resources to use, I learnt so much from her after buying the product as well as from theproduct itself.

      What ever you decide to do, good luck and stick with it and make it work.

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    Bemore, I shall look at the war room, I know all the help and advice ever needed is available here, so it has to be a good investment.

    Ramone, Finding a mentor is a good idea, I have a few people I like to follow. I shall find one project and stick with it to see how it goes.

    Loren, the whole thought of being a free agent is scary! but I understand your point.

    Paul, thanks for the suggestion. A hot shower, dinner and a walk should help I think. I have heard of Pot Pie Girl, I will take a look at what she has on offer. With that and the War Room, I should have a good start, and it's at a price I can afford to start up with.

    Your all a tremendous boost to confidence, thanks so much!
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      I will second third and fourth Ramones suggestion, as I've stated in several of my other posts. However, they're plentiful in my previous post to you at an insanely discounted price. You probably won't find a larger conglomeration of quality mentors in one place unless you spend thousands to go to to a famous guru's seminar. See you there and take care. Patrick.
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    Hey Katie
    sorry to hear about your job situaton. It happened to others too, so you are not alone and I am sure you know that.

    I just looked at the site in your sig file, and I think you should be lot less worried than you are. Nice site design, excellent graphics; you definitely have some marketable skills. Even if you are not the designer, at least you know someone who can design. All you need to do is write down all your skills and resources and brainstorm different ways you can can monitize them.

    I think I read a free report from Paul Myers (if I remember correctly) that could help you. If I find it, I will send you a pm.

    I would not suggest you to buy any course/ebook at this point. All these are going to possibly teach you something new, but no one ebook can teach you all you need to know. You will feel the itch to buy another one, then one more. An endless loop. Hold on to your money, you can put it to better use.

    And don't forget, when we give you suggestions, that is the best in our situations and may not fit yours. My best $100 investment ever could be money down the drain for you.

    Once again, put some skills and resources you have to use right away. Keep in touch with the people in this forum. Ask questions, participate in discussions. Soon you will not be worried about your situation anymore.

    All the best


    This is my signature!

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    This is just a little message to say .... I made a sale! ok, so it was only for $3 but it was a sale, a real one, and it had just made me smile!
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