I'd like to create Amazon review sites, but I don't know how to start

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I've been in the IM world since 2008, and I've tried almost every kind of money-making methods (list building, Squidoo, domains, niche sites, blogs, etc.), but only one of them made me a nice amount of money. I had 2 Squidoo lenses that made around 3k in 6 months, then Squidoo killed itself with their stupid rules. Since this was my biggest 'success', I'd like to create one or more Amazon review sites.

The problem is that there are so many methods I can choose from:
1) Thisiswhyimbroke.com-type site
2) Authority site for broad niches with hundreds of reviews
3) Small site concentrating on easy-to-rank keywords with a dozen of reviews
... and so on.

I really like the first concept, content wouldn't be too expensive, but I couldn't count on SE traffic. The second method is too expensive, and there's no guarantee that I'll get SE traffic either. The third option is my favorite, I've found some nice services providing low competition keywords and I've also found an excellent (yet inexpensive) content writer - the problem is that I don't know exactly how to create the sites.

Which method should I choose? Or do you think I need to find a coach first?
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    3, no coach - tons of content and courses on how to build amazon review sites - and there are tons of wordpress review templates out there - technical aspects should never limit a goal
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    Originally Posted by Daniel Szalok View Post

    Which method should I choose?
    A method that doesn't depend on "review sites", or on SEO traffic, and that's based on an appreciation of what actually makes people buy affiliate products, and how successful affiliate marketing businesses are really built.

    This thread will help you, I think: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post6608638

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    I strongly suggest you read everything you can find her by Erica Stone - username Sojourn. Her WSOs contain the best information I've ever read on selling on Amazon. Her methods are hard work, but the results you will achieve are gold.
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    The thread that Alexa recommends is a really good but I'd second Annie Pots suggestion that you take a look at some of Erica Stone's Amazon Courses if you are seriously considering setting up a review site.
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    There are really a few ways to earn from Amazon (or any other physical product affiliate program):
    • Product Review Sites (my preference)
    • Destination Sites
    • List Building

    Product Review Sites

    I prefer product review sites because they are, for me anyway, the closest to "passive" income as possible. I'm very good at targeting low-competition products by using late-stage "buying" keywords. Because I'm targeting products that nobody else is promoting, ranking is usually a piece of cake. Since the terms I am targeting are all terms that people use when they are in the late stages of the buying cycle, I usually do very well.

    Destination Sites

    Destination sites can work well too. Basically, what you do is target a specific demographic by building a site around a common interest, provide engaging content that your demographic wants to read, and promote that site (social media, PPC, etc). As your readership grows, you will have a captive audience that comes back over and over. You can then promote products (no hard sells!!) to that audience throughout your content.

    List Building

    List building, as others have said, can work very well. By capturing emails, you can
    promote products to your list (no affiliate links in the emails!!). This option takes more work as you have to cultivate a relationship with your list or you will suffer low open rates. This option can also be used with the "Destination Sites" option but I wouldn't suggest using it with reviews sites if you are targeting low-competition products.

    As you can see, there are several ways to make money as an Amazon affiliate. My preference just happens to be review sites. With a handful of sites, I typically earn between $2k and $4k per month, depending on how much time I spend on them. I typically spend an hour or two per day producing reviews for my sites.
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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      Go With an authority site in your niche and add product reviews for at least 3 different product categories as a part of the overall site.

      Also build a list, create a sales funnel and promote related products to that list of subscribers.


      I'll teach you how to make money like a Mamba.

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        I agree with some of the other posts. You want to learn Amazon well, then pick up one of Erica Stone's eBooks. She is the Amazon expert.

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    Sounds like you know what you are doing - I would look up on the Forum Chris Guthrie (Amazon Guru) and Tony Newton (Build, Rank, Flip) you can find on this website. Being new has nothing to do with it - Do what they do or get someone to do it for you. Don't waste money with people that don't know what they are doing or don't show you anything they are doing or better yet never tell you they make money.
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