What in your opinion is the best way to internet market a kickstarter campaign?

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Started my own campaign but need to do a large marketing attempt, and looking for specific ideas or experience on the best approach to the internet marketing spectrum.

Any thoughts or comments appreciated - thanks
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    What niche is your product?

    Most Kickstarter campaigns that became really successful started off by contacting blogs.
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      Automotive and/or customization . Good area to look in though thanks
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    I am currently writing a guide to crowdfunding for film makers so can give you my methodology. Firstly crowd funding isn't a quick fix unless you have celebrity involvement that can drive targetted traffic to your campaign.

    Identify your target audience
    Find where your target audience are (social media, blogs, forums etc)
    engage but dont pitch
    Establish your authority in the field
    Advise people of your project and drive them to your website
    Collect email addresses
    Provide quality content based emails.
    Provide content that is relevant to the social method the audience is using
    Tell them you are going to start a campaign and ask what kind of incentives you should use.
    Do pre campaign launch
    Go off line and use traditional media
    Launch campaign
    Tell your list and ask them to spread the word.

    Theres a decent skeleton for you to work with.

    A couple of other things do your research on which platform to use as each one attracts its own audience.

    Check how similiar projects have done and what was good or bad about them.

    Also consider whether you could run a few smaller kickstarters rather than just one big all or nothing campaign.

    Hope this helps

    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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    You look like you're going to need a lot of help with your project! Firstly you are going to need to upload an entirely better video in which you should convey your mission statement tell a short story about you and/or your project.

    You also should aggressively market your project just as any other online marketing by using

    • Facebook
    • Email list
    • Press release
    • Kickstarter community
    If you have friends on Facebook, that is where you should start. You can also search Facebook pages or groups in that niche and get involved in discussions but don't outright pitch to them, you should visit those pages as your page and not your personal profile and members may naturally click back to your page where you would have your project announcement and updates.

    If you have a list in that niche, you certainly should mail out to them, but it's not the end of the world if you have no list.

    Do a press release, but if you have never done one, better to have it written for you as it needs to be structured correctly.

    Once you start to get backers, you need to engage with them in replying to comments and have regular updates of how the project is coming along. Also, be yourself, be humorous and entertaining cause people love that.

    Oh yes, be as transparent as you can as folks love transparency.

    Utilize the Kickstarter community by funding other projects and leaving a comment on project funded by you, your username is hyper linked to you and your project.

    Check out these successful projects and see what they did right.


    If you would have created your project on Indiegogo, you keep all the funds regardless if you reach your goal or not, by choosing flexible funding.

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      I agree with above. All good method. Try Facebook ads too.

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