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What is a good practice when starting out selling solo ads...Send out one email a day with a different offer to your "new/small" list? Getting clicks to your customers is needed but I know you don't want to have your list thinking SPAM! What is a good rule of thumb starting out when buying, click banking or swapping?

Does this change if you get a larger list?
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    Send out one email a day with a different offer to your "new/small" list?
    You shouldn't try selling solo ads until you can generate thousands of clicks and sales to your own offers. Concentrate on building your list and tweaking your sales funnel.
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    Don't over do it I would say maximum 3 times a week.

    Even that is pushing it if you ask me.

    I would only do it once or twice a week are you using safeswaps?

    That is a good place to start out if you are doing adswaps.
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    You had better segment that list if you plan on sending out an email per day. If you blast your entire list like that your messages will be relegated to the "Promotions" tab in Gmail, or even worse, the spam folder.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    My advise would be to build your list. And when you think your ready...build some more.

    Best of Luck
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    It really depends on your list. How often have you been emailing then already? You should try to keep the frequency the same and ramp it up gradually.

    Nobody knows your list as well as you do (hopefully).
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    Build your list and keep a good relationship with them.
    Don't blast your list with offers as it will only end up in the spam folder.
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