hot to protect WSOs from FREE distribution

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hello warriors and moderators,

i found that my WSO and other WSOs are on FREE distribution over a site.
Please suggest how to protect my WSO that is listed there.

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    You could install a membership plugin so someone has to pay (your WSO cost) and join to view your WSO, doing so will make it harder for these guys to access your product, but it won't 100% protect your product. In fact, nothing will. There's always ways to get around security.
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    I have better suggestion for you - don't focus on this problem, focus on the most important part of your business - more customers and better relationship. You can try and lock you content using membership platforms or plugin, but I think that these days all sites can be entered or hacked. So, don't focus on problem, focus on solution, which I think is better relationship with your customers. And they will not search for places to download your products for free. And also, my friend, you don't need people who download products from free distributing websites.
    Or, another idea which came to my mind - offer something special to your customers, which they can get only if they register on special form in which they have to write their transaction id or something like that.
    Hope that helps
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    Originally Posted by Robinsh123 View Post

    i found that my WSO and other WSOs are on FREE distribution over a site.
    That's very common, I'm afraid.

    Many people will tell you that people who download products like that, free of charge, from black-hat/file-sharing/torrent sites "were never going to be paying customers anyway". They're all wrong. Unfortunately, the world is full of people who - when they find an IM product they want - look around for an illicit, free download first, and buy it only if they can't find one.

    Product protection isn't easy, because you need a way to do it that doesn't annoy or inconvenience paying customers.

    The best one I've seen is to use e-Junkie as your product delivery system, including their free PDF stamper, which prints the purchaser's payment details on every page of the PDF before they download it. This inconveniences no bona fide purchasers at all, but it's a huge deterrent to prevent people from uploading to those sites. (It's not 100% reliable: people can find ways to remove it, if they really want to, but in practice they don't bother - they just do it with something else, instead. In other words, it works.)

    I don't sell WSO's, but if I ever did, I'd use that or an equivalent, for sure.

    There's a silly myth going round that people who want to pay attention to product security are "focusing on something negative". That's all nonsense. (It makes me wonder whether the people saying it lock their houses when they go out. )

    Don't let people tell you to ignore it and "focus on your next product instead", or that "you can't do much about this problem". You can, and it's not terribly difficult.

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    Lexy hit the nail on the head.
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    in short I can't protect my products,
    and have to bear the losses ?
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      Originally Posted by Robinsh123 View Post

      in short I can't protect my products,
      and have to bear the losses ?
      Did you read Alexa's post?

      There are also other DRM options out there which will run without EJunkie but offer watermarking type solutions.

      I'm amazed CB hasn't integrated this yet natively.
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      don't look at it like that...what you might consider is shutting the product down. If is is a low ticket item consider reloading it as prelaunch content for an upcoming launch. Or you could use it to build a list and form good relations with that list. It always warms a list up to give them good free content, especially when you are gearing up for a launch.

      If nothing else you can just move the product to an alternate location to stop the leak. then email all your buyers and let them know the new URL.

      Hope these ideas help a little. Ultimately, it's a small problem. The guy who said concentrate on your relationships with your buyers and your list was right.

      Peace brother

      good luck!
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    In this context, Alexa is right.

    However, concerns about your product being protected becomes a negative if it is the only thing that prevents you from getting your product out there.

    Less revenue is always better than no revenue at all.

    Sure you don't leave your house unlocked but if there's something more important than your house on the line then I'll gladly leave my house even with doors open.

    I know that it does not in any way helped the OP's concern but I just want to get this out to new marketers who'll be reading this thread so that they won't make this as an excuse to tell themselves for not pushing through in launching their own product.
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    I say work it into your strategy. I had no idea what to expect when I did my first WSO - I ended up selling about 1,000 copies and then discovered it had been downloaded another 1,000 times on blackhat sites (estimate based on thanks given on those sites, views to threads, etc.).

    At first I considered it a loss, but there was a silver lining - the people on the blackhat sites had a lot of positive things to say about it. Many of them were using it and sharing their results. I gathered them up and used them as testimonials. It was essentially marketing collateral. Hundreds/Thousands more people begging for my product and praising it once they got their hands on it helped make my next product sell that much better.

    My third launch did $40k over a weekend, and that's a small number compared to what I've seen some other people here who have been doing it longer pull in. I don't think it would have done so well had there not been such broad distribution (and the resulting positive feedback) from the first two.

    So I say don't fight it ... you're selling information. Information is going to be shared. Even if you could protect a file, there's nothing that stops someone from posting a screenshot. If you lock it in a membership area, there's nothing that stops someone from sharing a video of their session. If they can see it, they can share it - period. So rather than chase your tail trying to protect information, enter this world KNOWING it will be shared and use that to boost your credibility and name recognition. The more people who've shared it, the more will have heard of you. That's exposure you can't buy.

    Ron Rule

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    Originally Posted by Robinsh123 View Post

    hello warriors and moderators,

    i found that my WSO and other WSOs are on FREE distribution over a site.
    Please suggest how to protect my WSO that is listed there.

    Looks like you have a few disgruntled customers over on your WSO.

    Perhaps someone who asked for a refund shared your WSO. But then, it was only $1 or $2 so try making lemonade out of those lemons.
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    Lock your products up as tight as you can.

    Send DCMA takedown notices to any file sharing websites you see hosting your files.

    After a while they will give up.
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