Holy Sh*t, We've Got Social Groups!

by Ouroboros 2 replies
Okay, I'm old as dirt and used to the 'Old' forum...

And I've only been discovering new features of the forum as needed.

Last night I got a PM complete with avatar and the whole deal. I thought it was a post!

So tonight I'm reading my PM's and I click on 'Social Groups' in the menu and Holy Sh*t!! There's sub-forums down there! I can't believe someone hasn't posted about it.

Check out all the cool new features and give Allen a thumbs up, with the blog functions and the pics and videos in the posts, this is a 'state-of-the-art' tool we have here!

Almost every day I spend in here, which is way too many, I find something new!

Kudos to Mr. Says...

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