What type of affiliate training do you provide?

by JohnnyPlan 6 replies
I'd like to get a brainstorming session going on here about the best affiliate training methods.

My ideas include live tele-coaching for all affiliates via Skype/Google+ hangouts as well as a subdomain on the main site devoted just to affiliates (such as myaffiliates.mysite.com) where affiliate training tutorials/videos would be located.

All this would go way past the canned sales presentation material you find on most Clickbank affiliate pages.

You might even score more money by selling services directly to your affiliates, such 'custom sales letters/affiliate sites' and 'custom imprinted items'. Any of these upsells could dramatically increase sales of your main product.

What are some ideas you use in your own affiliate training to boost/motivate and train your affiliate troops to success?
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