Ten Tips That Will Save Time, Money and Frustration for You

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    I have another time saving tip to add.

    Copy an article from another site (like the OP has) and post it on a forum claiming it as your own.

    Oh, hang on... FAIL!

    This is not an article directory.
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    I removed the post from my blog. It is more useful here to you than on my blog. The topic of the post is actually irrelevant to the subject of my blog. I loose nothing in removing it from my blog. Of course, it is up to the mods to decide.

    @WillR - Thanks for pointing it out.

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    Speed watching videos is something I started doing recently. As someone who normally struggles to concentrate through videos, and used to hate them when educational material is presented that way, it's really been a massive help, and a big time saver. I no longer mind watching them.
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