20 Tips To Get More Twitter Followers

by Tom Addams 1 replies
Taking a coffee break here and trying to amuse myself. I figure in the bargain, maybe what follows will help anyone interested in growing a presence on Twitter. Feel free to add to the list.

Get More Twitter Followers

1. Retweet & Favorite Based on Keyword
2. Follow the Followers of Big Niche Names
3. Good Profile Design
4. Catchy Name
5. Eye-Catching Avatar
6. Twitter Link In Forum Sigs
7. Comment Niche Blogs with Twitter Link
8. ASK For ReTweets
9. Get The Ball Rolling With ADDMEFAST (makes organics stick)
10. Retweet Followers
11. Add Link to Your Sites
12. Post Useful Tweets with Retweet / Viral Potential
13. Keywords In Posts
14. Welcome New Followers: @follower @anotherfollower
15. Mention (@name) Big Niche Names
16. Make use of hashtags #
17. Remind People to FOLLOW in Cover Design
18. Ask Followers for Help (recommend their followers to follow you)
19. Regular Updates
20. Use Keyword Updates For NEW Trends in Niche


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