Have you ever just tried to build up as many subscribers without trying to make cash?

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I'm going to try this as an experiment. It may sound counter productive but it could prove to be a huge lesson learnt.

I'm going to try and build a list giving away 100% value and without selling a single thing.

I just want to see what happens.

Have you ever done/do the same?

Thanks Joe
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    It's called "building trust" most good list builders will do this. You should never just jump straight into the sale EVER. You need to treat them like a "lady" gently warm them up
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    I did that before, yeah it build trust. However, I put some email series after few months.
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    There are two paths you can follow with list building.

    One is called churn and burn and that means almost no relationship building, just selling. Pros? Super fast, simple, easy and GREAT to start with cause you don't need to wait for months to see any decent results. Plus, no writing boring 1000 word emails either. Cons? Low, low, LOW earnings per subscriber.

    The other is relationship building and that is using follow up sequences that build trust, you tell your stories etc. etc. It's definitely the way to go once you have some income coming in (lol) and want to actually start providing VALUE.

    The thing I hate most about churn and burn is that I feel like I ain't really giving any value. Which makes me feel miserable.

    But when starting out... always go for churn and burn (unless you have a lot of money and time to invest into testing & hoping).


    Jan Brzeski
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    I'm going to try and build a list giving away 100% value and without selling a single thing.
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    Post in the right place - There is a forum dedicated to list building here:

    Email Marketing
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