Tips for Affiliate sites network?

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I have been setting up multiple (dozens) Wordpress sites with affiliate feeds and would like to hear from any of you affiliate websites veterans out there about what the best way is to proceed next?

Are there any tips, best practices, sites to follow, etc when setting up affiliate sites or networks? What do you do to make an affiliate site /affiliate site network successful?
I am looking for tips and tricks that are plausible and which might work when putting in the needed time, money and efforts.
So no tips on wonder tools and stories that are too good to be true (have tried those as well). :-)

Or maybe there are sites to check (for example affplaybook or stackthatmoney?), or specific books to read, or ..?

Any experiences, tips and or tricks are welcome.
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    I´ve been building websites for years and the last year everything has changed..

    what you want to do if you want to be an Affiliate Marketer is no longer to build websites if you´re not following a plan or program..
    you should check out E-mail Marketing, that´s something that has been popular a long time, but it still is!

    the whole thing is working like this:

    a person (let´s call him Jay) is searching the web for a good way to lose weight, he is going to get married in 2 months.
    Jay finds a post on a forum from a Guy that has a tip for losing weight in short time, the post also has a link which Jay is clicking.
    Jay get´s to a site which offers him a good way to lose weight fast, but he has to enter his email to get access. so he does..
    now Jay get´s one email a day from the guy who posted the forum post, and Jay get´s offers to his email which helps him lose weight.

    that´s a short explanation on email marketing.

    google it and search for a good offer to get you started!
    hope it helped!
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