Selling blog posts on Fiverr?

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I thought about selling blog posts on Fiverr. Are there a lot of buyers on Fiverr for blog posts? What niches sell the best on Fiverr in terms of blog posts.
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    I've seen people selling a gig where they will post your article on their niche blog for $5, so if that is what you mean, then it does happen. It isn't too popular from what I've seen at least. And from what I've seen it's spread out through many niches, so whatever niche your blog is in should be fine.

    If you meant you wanted to offer to write people's blog posts for them, then this is a very popular gig on Fiverr, as any type of content writing is popular there.

    Good luck!
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    I'm a level 2 seller on Fiverr and I've sold a boatload of content there.

    (I know I know. The gurus will call me a chump for selling for so cheap, I'm a nerd who loves to write. Sue me).

    My advice?

    Just throw some gigs out there and see what sticks.

    I've had requests for every conceivable content under the sun.

    (From adult themed content to developmental psychology).
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    Very good replies above. If you are referring to writing Blog posts - then yes it is competitive as it can get. So you would be better off coming up with some sort of an angle or value addition, like LSI Content Blog Post etc.
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    Yes, is a very popular site that makes money all day. The blog post niche that is very popular is the weight loss, fitness, online marketing, and writing niche. Hope this helps you.
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      Originally I was thinking only of selling blog posts on blogs I own. But, this has turned into an even more interesting conversation.
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    I think thats a good idea because many people need writers for their blogs. I was even thinking of getting me a blogwriter pretty soon. I think that if you were to write blogs and sell them on fiverr, then you should probably write about internet marketing. I say this because I know that many people who use fiverr are looking for products that have to do with their websites, so that would be your main audience that you should target on that site.
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      Fiverr is a great place where you can sell just anything you think people will be interested in. Selling blog post is a good gig. In fact I do receive frequent mails on blog post from Fiverr. Make sure you put up a nice eye catching gig with good image or video, after which you can swing into promoting your gig.

      I will submit your site manually to 30 social bookmarking sites for $5

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        It's all about studying the competition and trying to do it better than them. Offer for free what the competitor offers as a gig extra. Use a video to sell your service as opposed to static images that your competitor uses. Have some friends purchase your gigs and leave positive reviews to hit the ground running.
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