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Adult sponsors will often times offer free content to webmasters. Are there any other sponsors that offer content that aren't adult?
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    Even if you find free content you will still be better off rewriting it and putting it in your own words, especially if you want your website to rank well in Google.

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    Duplicate content kills your ranking, no make sense to do it. Why don't hire a VA to rewrite them or maybe someone good on spin them.

    Anyway try to do it in a smart way, to make the content as original as you can.

    Also there are some good VA that are really good to spin unique contents or places where you can buy cheaper contents easily.

    I would prefer to create a unique content than publish a content from someone else.
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    There are plenty of product owners/merchants who offer free content. And while duplicate content doesn't necessarily kill your rankings (unless you have it multiple times on the same site), it's definitely a good idea to rewrite it!

    The quickest example that comes to mind is the Clickbank marketplace. Many of the merchants there offer both copy and content on their affiliate program pages. All you have to do is check out several offers of the type you want to promote.
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