You know what, editing your Css Style in Wordpress is so easy ..

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....with this cool firefox plugin Firebug - Web Development Evolved .

I'm new to wordpress coding, but with this little plugin,
I kinda learn faster and more about wordpress.

My life has become a lot easier with this tools.

I think it is a *must have* tool for everyone.

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    I've been using firebug for a while and it is awesome!

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    This is really awesome plugin.

    It is easy to understand the css file in wordpress using this

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    Thank you very much for recommending us the plugin, it really helps alot. Thanks a million!

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  • Not just for Wordpress, I might add. Firebug is awesome, as is Firefox. Why anyone uses IE is far beyond my ability to understand.
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    You are welcome Nicholas..

    I think firefox is great too..Because it has lots of plugin
    that will make our life become easier.

    I do use firefox for research.But I also use Google Chrome
    to surf faster.

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    I love firebug, it not only helps with css but also with div layout. I also like the way I can use it to examine web pages I like so as to learn more about how they are crafted. That's some of the best education going, I've had a lot of 'Ahah!' moments with this.

    I also use Google Chrome for speed, but did you know it also has a built-in debugger? Just right click on any page in chrome and select 'Inspect element' from the context menu. It's also handy in finding inheritance problems with css.

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