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Hi Warriors,

I am bit confused and that's why I came here for help. Me and five of my friends are planning to start an article Directory and we are confused with the choice for CMS.

Some people suggested to go for Wordpress as it has ample support and plugins to help out with the process and some others suggested Drupal as it is a rock solid, light weight platform and scalable which wordpress lacks.

I personally want to go ahead with Wordpress as it is easy to setup and the plugin support but I don't understand the scalability issue. The site we are going to work on will only contain text or embeded links and no images at all.

Please suggest... very very confused.
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    Wordpress, it is the best solution and it is solid. I will not use Drupal or any other cms for this choice.
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    Originally Posted by eatmyscoop View Post

    Me and five of my friends are planning to start an article Directory
    Please excuse the observation that it's an "interesting" choice of business model, at a time when so many article directories are closing down or abandoned, and even such old-established, successful and well-known ones as Ezine Articles are making some significant changes to their own businesses.

    I'd think it would be very easy, at the moment, to buy a ready-made article directory site, given that hundreds of them are doing little more than "gathering virtual dust" at the moment? It might be possible to pick up a ready-made one, with/without some existing content, for little-to-no more cost than making one, yourselves? It might save you an awful lot of time and effort on the "construction" side?

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        We will be following strict rules regarding the quality of the content and only guest posts will be entertained, that also not initially.

        Any more suggestions on WordPress related to this topic will be appreciated.

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    I suggest WordPress, they are some good plugins that can transfer your website into a great directory.
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    Thanks Alexa for the fantastic idea, will try out to search for some old and little established directory, but what we are thinking is not exactly an article directory. It will be more like buzzle.

    And LuckyIMer it will be great if you can throw some light on which plugins will be best to use for such kind of project.
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    Alexa is correct with both points. Long gone are the days of article directories where people would throw up 20 articles a day on rehashed garbage. They have just gotten a really bad reputation and Google is not to happy with them.

    And granted, when starting your own you might have high quality standards, but unless you stick to your own rules and take the time to make sure what was just uploaded is not just some copy/paste piece of trash it's going to quickly become overwhelming.

    Do yourself a favor, start a WP blog and if the 5 of you still want to work together, then still do that, but put your own quality content up and you'll do a whole lot better. Even if each of you wrote one article a week in a particular area you choose to cover it would be better then nothing at all.
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    WordPress is a great choice for web directories. If you do a quick search online, you'll find themes that are specially designed for web directories. Not to mention the plugins available, which are really great!
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    Everyone is suggesting the plugins... but which are the plugins that are specific to directories.
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