Freelancing vs Staring a Business

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I'm something of a part-time web design/seo freelancer at the moment, but I'm looking to dedicate myself to the job full-time and hopefully set myself up so I can make a living off it.

I am torn between perusing freelancing or starting a company/agency. My main concern is which would be more profitable. I can see myself doing both, although I can't imagine growing the company to anything larger than a handful of people (I'd honestly prefer to keep it small).

There's probably no definite answer to my question, but I'll give it a shot...

What should I do, freelance full time or start a small company?
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  • You will need to do both as your start up and any startups need capital and funding.

    When your business starts to feed itself and your self then you can safely say bye to your freelance or make your services even more expensive.

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    Freelancing is a business.
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    I would recommend you start a business because you can make much more money than freelancing since you can set it up so that you don't trade time for money.

    If you are a freelancer you will always trade time for money and because of this your income will have a limit.

    When you own a business your income will not have a limit and you can increase it by providing your services or products to more people.

    If you like both you can start a freelancing company like or something similar but different to stand out from the competition.

    In any case I definitely recommend to start your company because you can make more money with it and can work less hours while making more money via passive income.

    Good luck on whatever you choose!
    Esteban Gomez
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    I appreciate all your responses.

    Esteban, you've made a great point. I was l leaning towards creating a company, and you've convinced me.
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    Glad I could help
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    Depends on how you see freelancing mate. I currently do exactly this. But I run it as a business. Rather than freelancing for an agency, they outsource the work to me and I invoice for the website as a whole not a daily rate as a freelancer would.

    You end up making a lot more money that way.
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    Freelancing will be the best way to go if you don't really have much resources to start a business, you can scale up as you go and build a solid business. Whatever it is just try to focus and avoid 'time waster stuff' you'll get there fast if you take consistent small steps.
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    Freelancing IS a small business and you need to treat it as such if you intend to be successful.
    (I freelanced for nearly 5 years)
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    Do you man. Freelancing could help you get enough capital to start the corporation you want to start.
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    What is your own skill, if you have some skill like web development,SEO , online marketing , Design, than you start the work as a freelance


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    Do both, develop a website/business and keep it small and provide freelancing.
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    Some people think of sites like Fiverr as 'freelancing' but that's not even close to what real freelancing is. Ask any real freelancer what they earn for a service and it's going to be much more than pocket money. As a freelancer, you are working in business for yourself for various clients. You might have an office or not, depending on your budget or just work from home. Treat what you are doing as a professional service, whether offered online or offline and charge accordingly and you will find clients who respect you enough to pay what you ask.
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