how to get traffic using videos?

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what all do i have to do to market using videos .Only uploading to youtube.Is it enough ?
are there other websites i can upload to?
how to do keyword research for the uploaded videos for youtube?
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    This is a big question.


    1. Creating engaging videos
    2. Monetizing videos
    3. Ranking videos in YT AND search engines
    4. Landing / squeeze page design.

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    #1 If you have a blog, then be sure to publish your videos as part of your content.

    #2 Choose strong keywords

    #3 Put your keyword in your video

    #4 Optimize your description with the keyword you are using

    #5 Customise video thumbnails

    #6 Use the video description box to show other content and link it to other videos.

    #7 Post Videos in social networks such as Facebook
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    Always do keyword research for a video. Writing a 300-500 word description under the video with a main keyword and LSI keywords (related keywords) really helps. It's a pain, but it helps ranking a lot.

    Doing SEO for the video is the next course of action if you're competing in a big niche.
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    Do some marketing, write a good description. There are so many ways that a book can be written.
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    Branding is very important to market your videos.

    Right now I am working exactly on this for my brand.

    What I am doing is the following:

    1. Create a custom video thumbnail with different colors for your videos so that people want to click your videos instead of others.

    2. Have a branded 10 sec intro and outro for all your videos to brand yourself and look more professional.

    3. Create a personalized watermark with your brand for all your videos.

    4. Make other videos appear at the end of your videos so that people stay on your channel instead of going other channels.

    This is an amazing tutorial on how to do all of this: YouTube Marketing & Optimization Part 1 - Channel & Videos

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    -create engaging videos that link to your affiliate link/ landing page
    -basic SEO work on the videos
    -count the money ��

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  • Make sure you pick long tail keywords that have at least more than 2,000 searches per month and to make your video visible on the search engines, buy some backlinks on fiverr for 5 bucks.
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    Add annotated links to your videos. Annotated links get higher ctr than links in a description.
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    thank you everyone for all the valuable information that you have given
    i have a basic understanding of how to proceed.
    thanks and appreciate the help.
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