Anybody try the WSO "sticky" feature?

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If so, did it bring decent results?
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    Originally Posted by jkennedy View Post

    If so, did it bring decent results?
    Nope not tried it, but I can imagine if you are planning on bumping your WSO many times, it would be a good way to save/make money.

    Not only do you remain at the top, but it automatically attracts more attention. I don't know whether it's because it's above the fold, or just because its "special", but I do know that sticky threads work well for getting you extra attention.
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    One of my offers does extremely well (usually 5-7 sales for each bump). At $59 per sale, the ROI is outstanding. However, I'm not convinced that $200 for 24 hours of "sticky" would be a better ROI so I've resisted the urge.

    Just do the math. In my case, I get, for argument's sake 7 sales while the offer is on the first page. If I bumped it 10x ($200 spend), I can typically expect upwards of 70 sales for a total of $4130 in revenue on $200 ad spend. Not a bad return.

    Now, can I expect to make 70 sales within the 24 hour period that my ad is "sticky" for the same $200 cost? I'm inclined to think "no".

    As is often the case, the answer is "it depends".
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    Not sure about ROI but Sticky gets more attention for sure.
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    Originally Posted by jkennedy View Post

    If so, did it bring decent results?
    Another way of finding out the answer to this question is to check
    and see if the same advertisers are "stickying" their WSO--then
    you get an idea that it is working.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Yeah $200+ for a day is a little steep. I mean you could post a wso and bump it nine times over a period of time and probably get MUCH better results. Just my two cents.

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    Thanks for the answers. I was looking to see if anyone was using it and so far it doesn't look like it, which tells me it probably isn't "that" powerful.

    I agree with the bumps. Bumps do well for me and cost wise it will probably bring a higher ROI to bump every day 9 times vs. staying at the top for just one day.
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    I too am thinking that using the bump option may give a better ROI but I guess this depends on your offer and price point. $200 for one day... you're offer better be great.

    I can't think of anything funny to say.....

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    I usually don't look at the sticky place. Because I always expect to see TOS and disclaimer there. It's my opinion though. Instead of sticky post, bump your thread more and more.I think it's better.

    Please don't press the Thank you button if this post isn't helpful.

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