How To Create A Form? That Will Email Itself To Me When Filled Out

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I'm sure you've seen this before.

It's just a basic form, with text boxes that someone can fill out, and when they hit submit the form goes to an email address.

I know how to use frontpage and everything - I just need to know the HTML code for this form so I can edit it for my website.

Can someone please share this

Couldn't find it anywhere else, thanks!
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    Look up "HTML form" in google. If you are using Wp there are plugins like contactform that can create it for you.

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    I recommend using Wufoo. You can create really nice looking forms and they even have a free plan.
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    Hi Mike,

    Most CPanel hosts support the formmail script. All you need to do is put in one necessary HTML line and you can setup a customizable form that will email you the results.

    The necessary line is:

    <form name="(whatever you want to call it)" action="/cgi-sys/" METHOD="POST">

    After that, you can customize it however you want. A list of customizable options are available below. (Only look at the section entitled "Form Configuration" if you want HTML only):

    Form Mail Options

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