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by rody
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I have some hubs i wrote and used tiny url to link to a clickbank product at the end. Is this a good idea or will hubpages penalize me? i don't have website yet or else i would link to it.
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    This is not my first choice!

    There are so many other better options to work with. Hubpages work for rankings and some traffic but if you want to promote clickbank products Hubpages would be my last choice.

    Hubpages have their own agenda and for the life of me I can't work out what it is. You need to create your own web real estate to promote whatever it is you want to promote

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    hmm so should i take out the tiny url link and just leave it plain to make money with adsense?
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      Hey Rody,

      To be honest, I agree that you should be focused on building your own site (w/ your own domain) and looking at HubPages as a source of "link juice"...

      When search engines and hubpages/squidoo/other web 2.0 sites notice that you are using affiliate links, they will NOT take you Hubs/Lenses seriously and most likley rank you VERY LOW.

      If you are just starting out and that is the easiest for you then I would suggest submitting to Article Directories as a substitute.

      Or if you already spent the time building Hubpages and want to keep the Affiliate Links then I would suggest...

      Finding some related Hubs, Articles (preferably ones you wrote), Wikipedia and other "reliable sources"... AND LINK TO THEM from your "Hubs!"

      This will give the perception of a "Content Filled Hub" vs. Affiliate Pitch Page.

      As for trying to make money w/ Adsense using Hubpages... I wouldn't count on that. There are WAY better things to spend your time that will result is much better ROI.

      But your in the right place. This is home ot Many of Best IM'ers that will give you some great advice.

      The important thing is your taking action. Keep the momentum up and you will be able to build as time goes on.

      Hope this helps...

      Kindest Regards,

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    If I were you and could not afford an actual site right off the bat, Use

    Hubpages,Blogger, and even Squidoo are really getting to be a pain to work with right now. ( if your creative sometimes you can get them to stick...but there's better ways you can utilize your time spent!)

    Better yet, once you break down and decide to get your own hosted domain, get the plugin for wordpress called ( gocodes ) this does a great job of masking your affiliate links & looks way more (professional). And then just start linking to as many 2.0 properties that you can manage in and around your niche.
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      thanks guys that really helps. I just wanted to get my feet wet with the hubs and learn about getting ranked in google. they got indexed pretty quick so i guess i'll just work on getting them ranked high and then use them as link juice when i get my site up.
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        You can get a domain for $9.00 and host it for $4.95 at godaddy. No reason to use freehosts these days, especially when they put their ads all over your site.
        Jeremy Morgan, Software Developer / SEO
        Check out my Programming Blog for news, tips, and tutorials
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          not all free hosts blast your site with ads, x10hosting is a surprisingly good free host
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            Ok, I'm going to go against the grain here because I actually do use hubpages very successfully for affiliate marketing.

            (yeah yeah I have my own sites too for those that are going to tell me I'm wrong - whatever).

            I make the most money from Amazon but I've also started doing really well with Clickbank products as well.

            You've got to stick by the rules, but because hubpages only allow 2 links to the same domain and your content has to be unique.

            I've actually written a hub on promoting clickbank products on hubpages here: Promoting ClickBank Affiliate Products on HubPages

            It goes over some of the little quirks you need to be aware of with hubpages.

            Hope it helps
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              Thanks Tracey, That's really good to know, That's made me consider the possibilities as I have some hubs that could work with CB products.
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