Ever received an email threatning a DDoS attack if you didn't pay them?

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If so, what did you do about it? Is this typical spam many get?

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    its spam nothing to worry about
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    Never receive since 2001... unless you made someone mad at you, I didn't think it will happen...

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      It's BS. If you get DDos, just hit your host up and they will block them.
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        Originally Posted by brentb View Post

        It's BS. If you get DDos, just hit your host up and they will block them.
        How do you even know where the DDoS would even come from? With all the proxies they'd hide behind and all.
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          Originally Posted by Joshnano View Post

          How do you even know where the DDoS would even come from? With all the proxies they'd hide behind and all.
          You are thinking in the correct manner, but there is still DDoS protection. When i managed a dedicated server running my own video game. Every once in a while there would be someone thinking he could bring down our server. It would affect us for a few minutes, if they were pretty advanced and smart. I know now since (2010) There has been plenty of updates for DDoS protection via softlayer. I never learned very much about it as i had other things to worry about. So I'm not the one who would be able to describe exactly how they have came up with DDoS protection. I just know they have. (They as in programmers.)
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    No, I've never had one, but if I did, I'd forward it on to my hosting company and let them deal with it. I'd also make sure all my data was backed up and downloaded.
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      It's happened to me twice.

      The first time, I ignored it, figuring it was just spam. Bastids mail-bombed me to the point my host shut down my whole site. Happened while I was moving, and using the public library for access, so keeping up was a beeyatch. Lost two weeks of business straightening that out.

      The second time, I forwarded the email to my host and the FBI. Nothing happened.

      When you get threats like that, forward them to your host and the authorities.
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    Yes, it did happen to me a couple years ago from a fellow Warrior.
    He did manage to shut down my sites and I had to change hosts
    twice, until I got a resilient hosting company. But I dd inform the
    FBI and the hosting company as suggested above.

    Most "small" hosts will find it easier to get rid of you rather than
    mitigate the attack. Some companies promise Ddos protection
    but at a higher cost.

    -Ray Edwards
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    This is actually one reason why you should go with a reputable host and not just cheap reseller. Only larger, more reliable hosts will be able to properly advise you on what to do and/or help you mitigate the attack.

    That said, you should always back up your important sites regularly to your own local hard drive, just in case something really goes wrong and you cant get you or your host can't get your site back up working properly.

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