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Hi, please can someone explain to me 'what kind of person buys information products or memberships'

Thank you for any assistance..
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    Every kind of person you can imagine. If someone has a desire to get information, that person will buy an information product.


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    Have you ever purchased a non-fiction book? How about a "how-to" book in any field (from business building to parenting, cooking to building a shed...)

    Everyone buys information products - they keys are:

    1. Focus on a niche where you can clearly identify the target audience, the outcome they desire to achieve with the info product and the emotional attachment to that outcome

    2. What format you can best use to address their desire AND add additional value that allows you to target a higher price point (or at least a range - low end, but with higher priced back-end)

    3. How you will differentiate your information in the face of the competition - many ways to do this including alter the way the information is presented, the actual information itself, the system or method used to get them results, quantity and of course, quality of the information in its ability to help the reader achieve their desired outcome

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    This question, while simple, is really quite thought-provoking.

    It works, I think, like this...

    Imagine two people and, between them, imagine a wall, and in that wall imagine a door.

    One person is desperate for knowledge; the other is willing to sell the knowledge.

    To acquire the knowledge, you have to purchase a key and open the door. Walking through to the other side is the only way to know what the other person knows.

    Some people will buy the key without hardly giving it a second thought; others will deliberate and wait until their level of desperation escalates to a purchase-point; and others will require assurance from unbiased sources that the knowledge-giver is reliable. In the case of the latter, you could imagine him waving over a few people. "Hey, you walked through the door, right? Was it any good on the other side?"

    I think that about sums it up.

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